Sunday, July 27, 2008

Check out These Great Blog Contests That I Entered!

Happy Sunday everybody!! It's a nice Sunday afternoon and thankfully the weather has cooled down considerably from yesterday's triple digit heat. There's even a nice breeze! After being notified of all of the fabulous prizes that I won the last few days, I was excited to find out that I had won an Obama T-shirt from! So cool!
Ahhh, if only summer could go on forever, August 11th is creeping up to me so fast I'm afraid if I close my eyes I will open them to the first day of school and 35 7th graders staring at me! But, as a person who at least attempts to conjure the good out of any seemingly bad situation, I can say that I am so happy and thankful that I have the next couple of weeks off to spend with my beautiful boys!! Enjoy your last bit of weekend:) And if you find a few extra minutes to spare, check out the fabulous blog giveaways that I've found and entered!
*One of things that makes Back To School time so hectic AND expensive is buying school clothes and supplies for the kids. My soon to be 2nd grader came home with a 25 item list of "absolute necessities" for 2nd grade!! Help reduce the Ouch factor to your bank account by winning a free Land's End backpack for your favorite little pupil!! Just visit Mom of 2 Dancers to enter! (ends 8/3)
* Love new jewelry?? Most mamas do! Win $100 of to die for jewelry from! Just click on over to Bunny Chic Boutique and post a comment THERE to enter ! (ends 8/4)
* Shake The Salt, an awesome new site, is having a Launch Party! You can win fabulous prizes in OVER 40 giveaways, like a tote FILLED with beauty products! So what ya' waiting for? Get on over to Shake The Salt and check it out today (ends 8/25)
*Do you want Breakfast In Bed? Well, unless your husband simply rocks, you could treat yourself by winning a Breakfast In Bed prize pack which includes a Wolfgang Puck griddle/grill, and other breakfast yummies! Simply get on over to Curlywurlygurly's Weblog and enter! (ends 7/29)
*Now, I never let my kids drink soda, but this I would let them have. Win some Hansen's Natural Sparkling Water! Yum! Just visit Life is Like Champagne to enter to win the goods! (ends 8/10)
*Do your kids like Playhouse Disney! I do, uh and my kids do too:) Win A Disney's "They Might Be Giants" CD/DVD! Visit Momsational to enter! (ends 8/2)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Saturday! Enter some giveaways!

Well, it's Saturday again! Didn't the week just fly by! I can't believe it's almost Back To School time...I'm not ready!!
I haven't been entering as many blog contests over the last few days, I've been so busy! But if you enter the best giveaways, all you really need is a few to win! The other day I found out I won a box of beauty goodies from Cybelesays (I'm way excited to see what's in there), and then I won an Espresso Kitchen Soap, that'll make even me want to do the dishes (I mean, just once, to try it you know;) And Yesterday I found out I won an absolutely GORGEOUS Clock from The Downtown Boutique's giveaway! I'm psyched! I love winning free stuff, and it's all awesome stuff that I can really enjoy! I think I may review some of my prizes on my blog in the future! And I'm going to be having a giveaway of my own very soon!
Here are some really great blog contests so enter them all!
1. Do your kids always beg you for fast food like mine do? Well go ahead and take them out for a treat for FREE! Win a $10 BK gift card. Just check out the giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops2 and post a comment letting her know how often you eat up on some fast food (or at least how often we're willing to admit) by 7/31
2.Back To School can become quite costly! Clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, pencils....the list goes on. Well, lighten the load this year and win a Land's End backpack with a $10 Walmart card to help fill it up! To enter just go to Accidental Mommies and follow the rules to post a comment! (ends 8/8)
3. You know what's even better than a backpack giveaway at Back -To School time?? Two backpack giveaways at Back To School Time of course! Enter another Land's End Backpack giveaway!! Click on over to A Bookworm (Mom)'s Diary and follow her rules to enter! (Ends 8/7)
4. Want smooth as a baby's bum hands? Who doesn't? Then enter to win a Mary Kay Satin Hands Set just by posting a comment per the rules over at One Day At a Time by 8/9!
5. Win a Clorox Bleach Pen(kids should come with one of these, especially boys). Just go to Now What do you Think About That? to post a comment to enter!
6. Have kids that like new toys? Well me too! So I entered a fabulous giveaway to win a Purple SUV Automoblox ($37.95), which is a really great beachwood car with tons of cool features that I know whould keep my boys busy for a while!! Just go right on over to The Giveaway and follow the instructions to post a comment to win! (ends 8/4)
7. Win some tightie-whities:) Actually, win a $25 gift certificate! Wouldn't it be perfect for back to school necessities? Go on over to Just A Mom's Take On Things and post a comment telling her what all you'd get if you won! (ends 8/2)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lots of Great Blog Contests To Enter!!

1. Win a $100 Tiny Truffles gift certificate! Wow, what would you buy? I'd buy a Babybel Amanda Bag, I so want one!Just go to BabyLuxedaily and enter to win! (ends 7/31)
2. With the hot July sun bearing down, we want our kids to be protected from the sun. Win a Sun Protection Prize Pack from Sun Protection Zone(ARV $75) Just visit A Daycare Life by 8/7 to enter!
3. Win a $20 gift card to Starbucks! Yummy! Just post a comment telling your favorite Starbucks drink at Momma Findings
4. Win a Carla Daly Child's Wall Print! Brighten up your child's room! Go to One Day at A Time to enter by 7/31!
5. This prize really interested me because I've known for a long time how beneficial to our health tea can be. I want to learn more. Win The Tea Diet Book which comes with Craving Tea Samples. Go to A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog and enter to win! (ends 8/5)
6. Win a multi-slicer that will make your kitchen tasks easier and quicker!! Every kitchen needs one!! Go to Post-It Place to post your comment by 7/26!
7. Have to spend tons of money on back to school supplies for your kids? Well, win a backpack with school supplies inside (ARV $50), or a Bento Box!! Visit My Loonyverse and post a comment with the gender and age of the child you want to win it for! (ends 8/15)

The All-Mighty To-Do-List!!!

Hi Mamas!!! I've been busy trying to enjoy my last few weeks of freedom before I have to go back to work!! But why can't I stop obsessively swirling my mind with all of the things I HAVE to do before I go back? Why do I have to organize and clean out my closets, get in to see my dentist, pull the weeds from the side yard and clean out the frig?? WHY?? Because I wrote it down on my darn to do list, and now I can't get rid of the thought!! Why did I write that list anyway?? Aah, the power of the To-Do-List!!!! Next summer I'm gonna make myself a Not-To-Do-List!!!!!! Anyway, my girl over at Now Entering Momville is having a comment-a-thon!! What's that you ask? Well that is where she has taken on the task of commenting on at least 50 blogs per day!! And not just going and commenting, but actually reading the blogs!! Whew! Talk about a To-Do-List!!! And she went way above her 50 quota yesterday! Has she come to your blog yet??? And, Now Entering Momville is also having a fantastic giveaway!!! You have a choice of 3 prizes, a "yoga-in-a-box set, a baby boy gift set, or a $10 Walmart card to get whatever you want!! You can even get an extra entry for subscribing to her fabulous blog!! So add this to your To-Do-List and go enter the Fabulous Giveaway Right Now!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More of The Best Blog Contests for Mama

Aaah, the house is quiet, everyone but me is asleep.....this has to be my very favorite time to blog!! No distractions or interruptions, no voices or sounds to deter me, just the hum of the refrigerator and the tick of the clock!! THIS is why after my 3rd child.....I became a night owl:)
So here's the best blog contests I found, and I'll add new ones to it that I find in the morning so check back:)
1. Do you avoid giving your kids juice boxes because of spills and messes? Well, then you need to win a Dwink Box (and no I didn't misspell dwink:) Visit Little One's Baby Gifts and More and leave a comment stating which color of Dwink Box you would choose! (ends 7/26)
2. Win handcrafted Artisan Soap by Seattle Sundries! Just visit Sassy Java Baby and follow instructions to post a comment! (ends 7/25)
3. OOH OOh OOH more baby shoes to win! 2 winners will receive their pair of choice of Shoo Shoos Shoes (wow, say that one 3X fast;). Just head on over to A Bookworm(Mom)'s Diary and follow her rules to post a comment to enter! (ends 7/26)
4. Protect your kids from the dangers of the sun! How? Win a Total Sun Protection Package from the Sun Protection Zone!! This includes swimsuit, shades, hat and more (ARV $75+)! Just click on over to Cool Baby Kid and leave any comment to enter to win! (ends 7/28)
5. Do you like to scrapbook or know someone who does (this would make a nice gift for them)? Then I have the perfect contest for you! Win a pink and purple cupcake birthday album/scrapbook! visit Scrapbooks-Plusand leave a comment telling them your favorite kind of bling to use when scrapbooking! (ends 8/15)
6. Win an Ipod Shuffle!! Oh Yeah!! Go to Cars For Girls and post any comment to win! And, this site automatically enters you for each giveaway if you are a subscriber!! (ends 7/27)

Teachers LOVE to blog!!!!! At least, I'm assuming:)

I have noticed that there are an awful lot of teachers in bloggyland!!!!!! And many people have asked me about my teaching. So, I thought I'd give a shout out to us teachers, because, well, let's be honest.......we rock!!!! If you're a teacher, leave a comment here and tell me what age/grade you teach, subject(s) and where you teach if you want to share that too!! I am thinking of coming up with a blog for my class next year, anyone ever done that? I'm curious to see how many teachers are out there!!! I'll go first. Let's see, I've been working as a teacher and will be beginning my 5th year of credentialed, full time teaching. I've taught 7th and 8th grade, and have worked at 3 different schools. Currently I am teaching at what is undeniably one of the roughest and toughest schools in Sacramento County, hands down. I was involuntarily transferred there in the middle of last year, because they were desperate for teachers and I had classes of about 10 at my original school, but now I'm there because I see my purpose and how many of these kids at this school have nobody, and believe I'm there for a reason. Is it different YES? Is it difficult? Oh Yeah, I've seen things I didn't even know COULD exist!!!!! But is it rewarding YES YES YES!!!! I am credentialed to teach reading, language arts, or ESL (my absolute fave, I got to teach it last year and can't wait to do it again). Next year I will be teaching something new to me, it's a reading intervention program. It's way to tough, and apparantly my skills and ability to "handle" the tough kids got me picked for that.
I'm also part of something amazing at this school. We are one of the first technology acadamies of our type in the nation. Each student has a computer in each class, each desk is built with a computer in it!! They close their desk, it's a desk. When I say open, they all have a superfast computer with every program and internet at their fingertips!! It's been good and bad, and I'm learning so much!! It's the school of the future, and people from every state in the nation have come to see it and you will see all schools looking this way eventually. (especially here in CA where education is extremely diverse).
So your turn teach!!!!
And, if you haven't checked out my list of the best blog contests right below, go check it out!!!!!! I'll have a new list up later today!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Best Blog Contests I found today!

1. Do you have older children and feel like all of the giveaways are for babies, toddlers and small children? ME TOO! I always hope to find a blog contest where the prize is geared for older kids, you know, like ages 7-12 or so. Well, win a copy of Howtoons, a cool comic style book for kids ages 8-12! My two older boys will have to fight for it if I win! Visit Adventures In Mommyland and post a comment telling her who you want to win this book for and why! (ends 7/26)
2. Win a set of 2 primitive shutters for your home (ARV $31)! These are handcrafted and delightful!! And I know of at least 3 perfect places to put them in my home. . .If I win them of course;) Just visit Country Girl At Home, read all of the rules, check out the shutters, and enjoy the song, then post a comment per instructions to win!! (hurry.....ends 7/22)
3. We all know that reading is like, one of the greatest things we can do with our kids, but do you need some snazzy new baby or toddler books by Begin Smart? I do, so I went to A Mom's Review and followed the instructions to post a comment to win a SET of Begin Smart books!! (ends 7/25)
4. Clothes for kids are soooo darn expensive these days! So win your choice of tee from Trendy Tadpoles! Now your kiddo can be a trendy tadpole too:) Visit Stir Crazy! and follow the instructions to post a comment to win! (ends 7/28)
5. Win a very hot Sony Cyber-shot camera (ARV $250). This bad boy has 8.1 megapixels and would make any mama happy! Go ASAP over to The Secret is in The Sauce, which might I add, is an extremely well done site and is my new personal favorite!!Post ANY comment to enter to win, and you can earn extra entries too!! (ends 7/25)
6. Do you need help to get more organized? Win THE ultimate Mom's Family Organizer! Go over to All Because Two People Fell in Love and follow the instructions to post a comment to enter! And with school approaching (aargh!!), I know mamas need to be extra organized! (ends 7/27)
7. OK, I need one of these!! Win a Desinger Travel Wipes Case!! Now this isn't just any Wipes case, it is gorgeous!! There are choices of styles, and the best can get them personalized with your child's name (you know that's what I'm gonna do if I win;) This contest is for bloggers only, simply visit Blueberry Moon, a sweet site with some sweet baby items like blankets and onesies, and follow the instructions to enter. This requires you to blog about the giveaway. (ends 8/8)
8. OOH, I want to try one of these!! Win a WonderBall (ARV $39.95)!! How would you like to NEVER use laundry soap again? Huh? Check it out!! Visit Something Snappy and follow instructions to post a comment and enter! You can earn extra entries here too!! (ends 7/31)And while you are over there at Something Snappy, enter to win a ClipHanger!! I need one of these like YESTERDAY!!! I'm gonna have to buy one of those if I don't win!! (ends 7/29)
9. How about winning a precious little Precious Moments birthday figurine for someone special's birthday? Visit Just A Mom's Take on Things and follow her instructions to post a comment! Extra entries available! (ends 7/29)
10. Win a personalized DoodleBag for your little doodler!! Visit So a Blonde Walks Into A Review, and follow the rules to post a comment to win! (ends 7/28)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Best of The Best Blog Contests

Happy Sunday! Today's a nice lazy day. Yesterday I went out of town for my cousin's awesome baby shower!! She got sooo much cool stuff! I can't believe some of the stuff they make that didn't even exist when I had my baby! So much stuff for such a little baby! And then the next thing you know these sweet, teeny-tiny babies are a bit bigger, louder, and much faster, always running around, and now they need more stuff! The old stuff is now just stuff that you try not to trip over! But it's still so much fun! Time and time again!
So yesterday I didn't really enter any blog contests, I was too busy because after I got home last night, it was time to celebrate, it was my husband's birthday!! So, we made dinner together, his favorite of course, steak and potatoes!! We had his favorite cake too! So,I've been entering some contests this afternoon and will be finding more this evening! Here are the best blog contests I found! I will add more as I see them! Feel free to leave me a comment with any new blog contests!!
1. Win some environmentally safe Play Corn (this stuff doesn't seem to be available in the US, so here's our chance, just check it out, it's cool), a $20 credit to Kllycat's Babycat Goods' Etsy Shop, or a Kiddopotamus portable placemat! Just visit the Great Kids Giveaway(don't worry, I checked, no kids are being given away;) at Almost Frugal and post a comment telling which prize you'd like to win! You can also earn extra entries! (ends 7/28)
2. Here's a cool contest for bloggers. Win a Chico Reusable Bag! I totally need a bag like this, hope I win;) Just blog about the contest and then leave a comment with the link. Even more entries are available and 3 bloggers will win. Just visit Notes of Jubilee to check out the instructions to enter! (ends 8/13)
3.WIN A FREE SODA-CLUB SODA MAKER!!WHOO-HOO FREE SODA!! Now recently I entered another contest for this, and didn't win, so here's a second chance:) I really do love soda( I know, I know, it's bad, terrible and tooth-destroying, but I love it anyway:) Visit What's on Mommy's Mind and follow the rules to post a comment to enter! (ends 7/26)
4. Now this is really cool and unique if I do say so!! Win a Chandelier Vinyl Wall Art (ARV $28)! What's that? Just go see for yourself! Go check out Tres Fun and follow the instructions to post a comment to enter!! (ends 7/25)
5. Now this is a prize anyone can use for something they NEED, or just something they WANT to NEED! Win a $50 Amazon gift code. . . for FREE! Amazon sells everything and $50 is enough to get something cool for your kids! Or for yourself!! Or maybe something for both? Go to Robyn's Online World and read the rules and all of the FUN ways to earn extra entries! (ends 8/1)
6. Now this is a prize that I truly do need. My old printer has decided that it isn't going to work AT ALL!!! So I really really would be thrilled to win this one!! But I'd be mini-thrilled if one of my readers won it (okay, maybe a teensy bit jealous, but still mini-thrilled)! Win a really nice HP Photo Printer! Visit Seven Dogs & A Baby and post a comment per their instructions to win!! (ends 7/31)
7. Now you know that I go crazy when I find a blog contest for baby shoes, but this one is even better! You could win your choice of really adorable baby OR child moccasins by Nowa Li! Just visit The Giveaway and follow their instructions to post a comment! (ends 7/27)
8. How about winning a doll that's SO ugly that it's ADORABLE?? Win an Ugly Doll! They're giving away 3 at Chic Shopper Chick, just follow their instructions to post a comment! (ends 7/27)
9. Win a pair of shades for your little one!! My first shades are made just for babies and kids and are durable and fun to wear! Visit A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog and follow her rules to post a comment and enter! Extra entries available! (ends 7/28)
10. Wish you had a cool, trendy video camera?A Flip Ultra Video Camera to be specific? I sure do. That's why I went to A Daycare Life and posted a comment (per instructions) to enter to win! (ends 8/1)
11. Win an absolutely gorgeous clock that PERFECTLY matches my new blog design...I want it! Visit The Downtown Boutique, and follow the instructions to post a comment and enter to win! Trust me, check it out these clocks are amazing! (ends 7/25)

Friday, July 18, 2008

And We Have A Winner!!!

A great big Congratulations to Heather!! The winner of my Serena & Lily Market Sling! Heather chose the Cloud/Petal color in a size medium!! She entered on July 11th. I was so excited to see so many entries! There were 251 entries (there are some comments that came in after 5pm so they weren't counted), and I was glad to read all of the comments and get all of the link love;) I'm going to be having another giveaway soon!! I have some baby products and gift cards for mamas that I will be giving away so stay tuned:)
And, how do you like my new blog design?? I love it!! I love the color, I don't know why, but this color and design is just "ME". It portrays my style perfectly. That's what I wanted. I wanted something that I would love to see since I will be looking at it often!! I need pretty!! And I think it's pretty, I hope everyone likes it too! And check out my new button!! Fabulous!! Let me know if you have a related site or blog and want to trade buttons! You know those almost too convenient little boxes that many people have on their site that say something to the effect of "Grab my button! Here's the code....." And then the HTML code is there? Well, as soon as I figure out how to get my code displayed like that I will have that too:)
A great big thanks to Aqua Poppy Designs for my new look! You really should check them out! A customized design is very affordable but if it's not in your budget, there are still gorgeous designs you can use FREE!!! That's what I had before, one of her free designs. And the FREE designs even come with easy, clear directions that even I was able to figure out, and let me tell you I can't figure anything out;)

TGIF!! & More Best of The Best (Updated)

First off, thanks so much to everybody that commented about my son's dental woes, you guys made me realize that it's not my fault, and kids don't always tell us about aches and pains, and then when we find out they've had a cavity, we feel so bad, but it's not mamas fault!! And I like the comment about making hubby do the dentist thing from now on...hmmm...I think I could work that:) And he's happy as a clam, he's visiting Grandma and Grandpa all by himself for 3 days!! And boy, it is quiet with just 2 kids in the house!! No constant fighting between my 12 and 7 year old!! It's kind of weird. 3 kids seems like such a leap from 2 kids, is it just me?
And, this evening when I get home from swimming (it's sooo hot here in CA:), I'm going to find out who is the big winner of my Serena & Lily Market Sling Giveaway! You have until 5pm today, CA time to enter or get your extra entries. The odds may be better than they look, because I'm unfortunately going to have to delete many comments because they either are non-blogger and without an email addy, or they didn't answer the question required to win!!
Here are some really great blog contests I've dug up, I'll add to it when I find a good one:)
1. Here's a contest where you can win; 500 entrecard credits (I'm just learning about entrecard credits myself, any suggestions or tips about them appreciated;), an Italian charm bracelet, and a $50 Target gift card!! Visit SunEGrl Loves To Shop, read the rules, and post a comment to be entered to win!! There are tons of ways to earn extra entries too! (ends 7/31)
2.So, in case you don't win the above contest, here's another one that's giving away 3, yes THREE $50 Target gift cards!! And mamas love Target!! There's quite a few entries, but it evens out because they are picking 3 winners!! To enter simply visitThe Secret is in The Sauce, read the instructions and rules, and then post a comment to win!! Extra entries available!! Do this one now, winner picked tomorrow, 7/19.
3. Do you love hair accessories? Well I have tons and tons of hair on my head, and always looking for something to hold it back, something cute yet that works on my lion's mane! Win a $30 credit to Andrea's Beau, a shop with exceptional hair accessories for moms and little girls! Visit The Giveaway, follow the instructions/rules, and post a comment to enter! Extra entries available on this one too:) (ends 7/26)
4. Trendy!! Win personalized wooden name letters for your child's room, or any room, a $100 value! This one is actually fun to enter, just visit Project Nursery, and post a comment telling about your child(ren)'s name(s) and where you came up with them!! why you're there, check out my post about my kids' names:) So go brag about your awesome name choice(s)!! (ends 7/25)
5. Hooray!!!! Another kids shoes giveaway!!! I'm telling you, I'm gonna win some shoes for my little guy sooner rather than later! And so are YOU:) This fab contest is for a pair of Robeez shoes!! Robeez are great, we all know that, so save your money mama and win some baby shoesies! Just visit Clementine Northwest, and follow the instructions/rules to post a comment to enter!! Extra entries available here! So go now!! (ends 7/31)
6. OK, seriously, this is cool. If you are into, or know someone who is into, ESP's, tarot cards, fortune tellers, or the work of mediums, then this giveaway is for you. I entered it because although I'm not too familiar with this topic, I am intrigued and would like to learn more about it! Win the book, "Tarot for Your Self:A Workbook For Personal Transformation". There will be 3 winners! Visit Medium Dreams and post any comment to win! (ends 7/30).
7. ANOTHER WHOLE FOODS GIVEAWAY! YIPPEE!! Win a $25 gift card to Whole Foods Markets! There are 3 ways to earn up to 3 entries! Just visit dkMommy Spot(and they're set to do this same giveaway every Friday for several weeks:), and follow the rules from there to enter! Good Luck! (ends 7/21)
8. Does your child(ren) enjoy doing art projects? My oldest son isn't quite the artsy one, he'd rather go digital someway or another, but my 7 year old is fascinated with drawing, painting, coloring, and anything arts and crafts like. So, I entered to win an Eco-Kids, All Natural Arts Supply Goody Bag for my son! Visit Props & Pans and post a comment according to the instructions! Extra entries available! (ends 7/26)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Updates, and MORE Best of The Best Blog Contests!! The More You Enter, The More You Win!!

Before I lead you to some of the best blog contests that I've found over the last day (AND I WILL UPDATE THE LIST THROUGHOUT THE DAY IF AND WHEN I FIND A BLOG CONTEST THAT JUST HAS TO BE ADDED), I want to remind everyone that my Serena & Lily Market Sling Giveaway is set to END tomorrow, Friday, June 18, at 5pm CA time!!! Sometime tomorrow evening I will use to come up with a winner!! So if you are new to my blog, enter!!! And I was looking at the comments, many will have to be deleted because there is no email address or other info. to get a hold of the person if they win, OR, they do not properly answer the required question! So read the rules closely!!
Also, remember I won the FREE professional blog design from Chelsea over at Aqua Poppy Designs? Well, I chose my design kit (Bewitching), and she's a workin' on it!! So you should see a change in the next few days!! And do YOU still have a plain old Blogger template background design? WHY? Aqua Poppy also has many FREE backgrounds to choose from! Like my current background? IT WAS FREE!! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!
oH, AND SPEAKING OF MY WINS, I've received several wins over the last few days, (The Fedex guy knows my kids' names by heart, seriously) and have some good ones on the way. I'll post a pic and tell about them when I get some of the ones I'm waiting for.
1. Do you workout? Or, like me, are you "going to start working out soon"? OR, would you like a tech savvy gift for a workout type person that you love? Well, win a, how do I describe it, a sports bra with a built in digital heart monitor?(ARV $100). Yes, these do exist! Simply visit Fitness For Mommies and post a comment to enter! It's listed as ending 7/19, however on the site it says that the winner will be posted on 7/19, so be safe and enter by the end of today!
2.Do your shoes shine? Here's the test, if you've ever had to use spit on your shoes on the way out of the house, or when you arrive somewhere, then you need this one!! Win a year's supply of shoe shine, 5 winners in all! I really would like to win this one, because I wear dress shoes almost every day to work, and they get scuffed so quick and easy!! Visit Just A Mom's Take On Things, and post a comment about why it would help you to have a year's supply of shoe shine! (ends 7/23)
3. MORE FREE shoes for your little one!! I'm hoping that the next prize I win is baby shoes!!! What about you? Here's another awesome contest to win shoes from one of the nicest baby shoes companies I've seen, Shoo Shoos! 2 winners will win!Simply visit Props & Pans, and follow the rules to post a comment to enter! Extra entries available for bloggers! (ends 7/22)
4. Are your kids home from the summer and bored? Driving you crazy? Running out of things to do? How about winning a new, educational DVD featuring construction vehicles (my boys flip for this kind of thing) for them? That should amuse them for a minute or two:) And us mamas will take all the help we can get when it comes to keeping our kids amused:) Just visit Dana, at Just Talk, a cool gal at a cool site that does great reviews and giveaways, and post a comment to win! How simple is that? (ends 7/24)

A root canal for a 7 year old?! Yikes?!

Happy Thursday Mamas!!! I'm doing great over here in CA, except I'm feeling like the worst mommy because my 7 year old just had to have a root canal!!! At 7!!! Isn't he a cutie blowing out his birthday candles? (And about to eat some sugary cupcakes, I bet that helped) The Dentist asked me, "He must of told you that his tooth hurt, why didn't you bring him in earlier?" Well, our insurance only covers his dental cleaning once a year, and it was a year in June, GOSH. And NO, he NEVER said a thing about his tooth to me or my husband!!! But now when the dentist asked if it hurt he he replied matter-of-factly, "Oh yes, it hurts so bad!!! I can't even sleep it hurts so bad!" WHAT?! He never told us that!!! So now I feel terrible, that darn tooth has been killing him for months the dentist says it had to be extremely painful!!! Why didn't he tell me?? I'd LOVE to hear other mamas dental stories, am I the worst mom in Northern CA? I'm not used to this stuff, my 12 year old has never had a cavity, NOR HAVE I!! But my hubby has terrible teeth issues (sorry babe), and I guess my 7 year old inherited them!! Any other mamas have any children's dental issues like this? PLEASE tell me this has happened to you, or your sister, or your sister's friends' cousin's next door neighbors boss? I can't really be the worst mama can I? sniff sniff Of course MY mom, who I haven't agreed with since I was 2 months old (I'm dead serious), found out because she stopped by on her way from Tahoe, ripped me a new let's just say, bottom, for this one!! She made me feel like I must be the worst of the worst of the worst OF THE WORST moms out there!!!! Who else but my bloggy friends could tell me otherwise??!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best of The Best Blog Contests! Enter one, Enter all, Enter Something!!

A Frugal Housewife is celebrating her new blog by giving away a $50 e-gift card to Kohl's!!! I love that place, I get about 85% of my own clothes there, so you know I entered this one!!! Visit A Frugal Housewife, and post a comment with your opinion(s) on her new blog to win!! (ends 7/21) 2.
Want to win some personalized fruit roll-ups (ARV $30) I know I do!!! Visit Mom Advice, read the rules, and post a comment letting her know what is the best or favorite thing you pack in your kids' lunches? Easy-Peasy, and you might have some FREE personalized fruit roll-ups, there will be THREE winners, I'm hoping one of them is me:) (ends 7/18) 3.
Are you a coffee fiend like me? Do you like Starbucks? Even anti-coffee people like my hubby can grab a tea or a sweet snack at Starbucks. Win a $10 Starbucks card!! Visit DoubleBugs, read the rules, and post a comment about what you need in the morning to make it happen!!! (ends 7/20) So Save Your Money Mama and get some FREE starbucks!!! 4.
Have a good crockpot recipe? Well Ribbon Rock Star is celebrating the 1000th post with an awesome giveaway!!!!! Congrats guys, 1000 is a lot!!!Enter to win a fabulous KitchenAid 7quart slow cooker!! I WANT THAT SLOW COOKER, it's about the only way I can cook without burning my house down!! But the only thing that would make me happier than winning it myself is one of my readers winning it!! (of course, you'd have to have me over for dinner and cook me something fabulous with your new slow cooker;) Visit Ribbon Rock Star and post a comment WHICH INCLUDES YOUR FAVORITE CROCK POT RECIPE to be entered to win!! Go!! I know you have a recipe to share:) (ends 7/21) 5.
Do you know how many germs there are on things like shopping carts? Blankets are inconvenient to use to cover the cart so the baby can sit in it, and shopping cart covers are quite pricey! What's a mama to do in this germ-ridden world? I know...WIN A SHOPPING CART COVER OF YOUR CHOICE FROM TICK-A-TOO! Visit an awesome site that hosts TONS of awesome blog giveaways, The Giveaway, check out the rules, follow the link from there to Tick-A-Too, and then post a comment with your favorite item from there! Extra entries for bloggers! 6.
Now, like I've said before, kids always need new shoes, and good shoes are expensive!!!! So, Save Your Money Mama and win your kids free shoes!! Simply visit Mama Sparkles, read her rules, visit the link from there, choose your favorite See Kai Run shoes, and return to post a comment of your fave pair!! That's it!!! So go get some free shoes for your little guy or gal!! (ends 7/21) 7.
So, if you can win free shoes for your kid(s), why not a FREE SHIRT? Well you can!! Parent Reviewers is giving 2 winners their choice of shirt from Trendy Tadpoles, which carries trendy, humorous, stylish kids' shirts and more! Just visit Parent Reviewers, read the rules, visit Trendy Tadpoles from there, then go back and post a comment letting parent reviewers know which shirt you would like to win!! That's it!(ends 7/31)
8. Here's a cool prize up for grabs, a Wetbag, to hold wet cloth diapers, kitchen towels, or swimming gear! Visit Momma In Flip Flops2 and post a comment letting her know what fabric you would choose for your wetbag from Sewing Mom Just Accessories Etc. as well as what you would use your wetbag for. (ends 7/21)
9. Here's a really fun giveaway if you have a few extra minutes to "shop", and don't we all? At least, don't we all MAKE time for shopping? Well, here's how it works. You get $200 pretend cash, and you visit a list of fabulous and unique Etsy sellers, and decide how you would spend your $200! It's really fun! I got caught up in the shopping, even if the money isn't real. Don't go over your limit (if only I could convince my credit cards to do the same!!!!) Visit W.O.W! Are You Ready To Get Noticed, who makes gorgeous jewelry by the way, and read the rules and instructions there before entering!! The lucky winner will recieve a prize package featuring items from the Etsy shops you visited on your "shopping spree"($166 value) And have fun shopping mamas!!
9. Here's another awesome blog giveaway that I just stumbled upon! Cybele Says, a site dedicated to beauty and beauty products, is having a giveaway and SEVEN, again, I say 7 winners will win an assortment of beauty products!!! OOH, I want to win! I love trying new beauty products and adding to my collection! Visit Cybele Says, read the post, post a comment of your own, AND THEN EMAIL CYBELE SAYS!! MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW INSTRUCTION ON THIS ONE!! (ends 7/21)
11. Love scented candles? I have a weakness for any candle that can make my bedroom (better yet, my house) smell fresh and wonderful!! Scented candles make the dirty diaper, frozen waffle from last October hiding in the bottom of the toybox, dirty socks behind my 12 year old son's headboard kind of smells disappear!! So, anytime I see a giveaway for candles, I'm IN!! If you would like to try your hand at winning some scented bliss, visit The Downtown Boutique and follow the instructions to post a comment to be enterd to win a Vanilla Lavender Grand Candle from Barcelona Bath & Body! Good Luck! (ends 7/17, so hurry)

It's not too late to enter my giveaway!!! Win a Serena & Lily Market Sling!!

Happy Tuesday Mamas (easy for me to say, I'm on vacation from work)!!
  • Before I lead you to some of the best blog contests out there, I want to remind all of my readers, IF YOU HAVEN'T ENTERED MY SAVE YOUR MONEY MAMA GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW!!! DEADLINE IS 7/18 AT 5PM PACIFIC TIME!! IF YOU HAVE ENTERED, BUT HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY EXTRA ENTRIES YET, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO DO IT!!
    So what ya' waiting for?? Enter my Serena & Lily Market Sling Giveaway right now!!! Or, if you've already entered, go get you some extra entries!!
  • Saturday, July 12, 2008

    Best of The Best This Weekend!! Lots of bloggy contests to win!!

    Okay, first things first. THANK YOU to everybody who has entered my Serena & Lily Market Sling Giveaway, and to those who have blogged about me and/or added me to your blogroll for extra entries! Many of you have 2 entries and a few of you even have 3! I can't wait to see who wins!!! Hosting a giveaway is just as much fun as winning one! I'm serious! Remember, I'll be contacting the winner on July 19th and I'll post his or her name here as well!

    Win a Carla Daly Art Print for your kids' nursery(ARV $17)! It's adorable children's animal art! Visit A Daycare Life, check out Carla Daly's art from there and then post a comment with your favorite item! (ends 7/31).

    Another really cool blog contest that I've entered is to win 1 of 2 Solar Powered Toy Helicopters (pictured)! How cool is that! Visit Green Mom Finds and follow the instructions there to enter! (ends 7/17)

    Win a Crafty Baby Nap Pack!! I really want to win this one! The Nap Pack looks so cozy and would be perfect for spending the night at Grandma's or a friend's house! Visit The Giveaway and follow the instructions to post a comment! You can earn extra entries here too! (ends 7/14)

    Here's a blog giveaway that helps you save your money mama! Win one of 3 $10 gift cards to Target, Bath & Body Works and Barnes & Noble! Just visit Almost Frugal, a cool site to help you save your money mama, and post a comment to win. You can also earn extra entries too!

    Are you a prego? How about a breastfeeding mommy? How about a person who simply isn't into alcoholic drinks? OR, how about a fun, chic gift for a newly prego friend?

    OK, then save your money mama and win the book, "Margarita Mama: Mocktails For Moms-To-Be" over at Mamanista . (ends 7/18).It's really easy and has very good odds. Just post a comment naming your favorite virgin drink.I can tell you with complete certainty that I am not pregnant nor nursing, but I still entered because I love the taste of margaritas and drinks such as those, but am rarely (and I do mean ever so rarely) in the mood for alcohol.

    Do you love scented candles? I sure do. Last time I had one, our whole house smelled like fresh baked apple pie, because, well, the candle was apple pie scent! It's not because I BAKED an apple pie are you crazy? The closest I could come to baking apple pie is driving through Mickey D's and getting some of their apple pies 2 for $1 (those aren't even very tasty).

    Anyway, WIN SOME FREE SCENTED CANDLES, 2 wickless and 2 wicked, plus a candle warmer! Now your house can smell yummy too! Visit Daily Dose of Motherhood, vote on your favorite candle scents and post a comment to win! Easy huh? And you can also earn extra bloggy entries like me:) Hurry! Enter now! This one ends 7/15!

    Look What I've Won! Whoo-Hoo!

    Happy Saturday Mamas!!

    I was just finishing my trillionth load of laundry on my "day off" after putting my little guy down for his nap (hallelujah). This morning I took him out to play in the dirt, mud, leaves, and trees so he was a tired guy!

    DING-DONG! UPS delivery! Check out my superb prizes that I won from Vanilla Joy! I was their winner of a Lil' Rinser (to keep baby's eyes non-soapy in the bath), A Huggies Little Swimmers summer pack (check out all the goodies in it) and 2 Kraft Bagel-fuls free product coupons which will arrive directly from Kraft!! Check out their site, they do cool bloggy contests like this one!! So I guess now I saved MY money;)

    • And, last night I found out I was one of 5 winners of a customized blog design, complete with custom header, background and button by Aqua Poppy Designs They also have TONS of FREE......I'll say that again....FREE blog backgrounds that you can download, as well as clear and easy instructions!
    • I currently have one of their FREE designs on my blog now and I've been LOVING it! But check back soon to see what Aqua Poppy Designs comes up with for my customized blog design that I WON!!! It's a $25 value!! I'm doing the dance right now!!! Some of my readers have already done so and their blogs look amazing! And it was FREE!! So do it and come back and give us a link so we can check it out!
    • Today's Best of The Best is coming right up:)

    Friday, July 11, 2008

    Win a Home Soda Machine And Other Best of The Best Blog Giveaways I found today

    Okay, like usual, I scour the web and bring you only the blog giveaways that I believe are the best of the best. Good winning odds, a great prize, and an awesome blog host all contribute to my choosing which contests to post about!! And here's another one for today! After you enter for your free beef (you did that already didn't you? Enter for this free soda maker! Laura Williams' Musings is giving one of these bad boys away right now! Wouldn't it be such a smart way to save money to make your own soda at home? We spend a lot each month on soda, so I have my fingers (AND TOES) crossed that I win this one myself (or at least one of my readers;) The giveaway is located here: And you can get more info. on this sleek home soda machine here:
    • Hate vacuuming? Me too! That's why I make my husband do that! I don't know how I won that one, but he does the vacuuming. But I was still excited to enter a giveaway I found on a blog called Like A Warm Cup of Coffee!! And you know I love ANYthing to do with coffee! Enter to win a Hoover Wind Tunnel Bagged Vacuum Cleaner(ARV$229.00)!! at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee here:
    • Win a Let's Go Green Picnic Sampler (ARV $20.00) at JoJo's place! This comes with biodegradable utensils and paper plates! Go have a picnic!! Visit JoJo's place and follow the instructions to post a comment and enter! Ends 7/12
    • Okay, all 3 of my boys seem to grow out of their shoes before I can even remember what their current shoes look like, or they damage them like some kids who run through jungles or something! And shoes, like every other thing a mama needs, are not cheap!! So, I'm always eager to enter a blog contest that is giving away free shoes for my little guy! Especially shoes like the ones available at See Kai Run has adorable shoes for your little ones. To win a free pairOF YOUR CHOICE, visit The Laughs Will Go On, a cool blog that has lots of awesome contests like this! Visit The Laughs Will Go On today and follow instructions to post a comment to enter! (ends 7/18)
    • Yippee! Win 1 of 2 $25 gift cards to Whole Foods Market!! That place is amazing!! Talk about saving your money, that would be $25 towards groceries!! Duh! Go enter! The contest is hosted by DKMommyspot, visit them to post a comment (per their instructions) by clicking here: So Save Your Money Mama and go win you a gift card!! Hurry, this one ends 7/14! You can even earn an extra entry!
    • Win lots of CANDY CANDY CANDY and some chick-flicks!! Get rid of the kids somehow, or get their attention elsewhere and hide the's for you!! Wait a minute, what am I talking about. . . I"M gonna win this one mamas;) Well, I'm hopeful at least! Diet? What Diet? The Robin's Nest is having the giveaway, visit them to post a comment and enter to win!

    Win A Roseda Beef Summer Cookout Kit! (ends 7/18)

    What's this? Free Beef? Count me in!! I already entered this one, and now you should too!
    Moms Take On Things is giving away a Roseda Beef Cookout Kit complete with 20 burgers and buns, and other handy-dandy cookout necessities! You can even get another entry for blogging like me!!!
    So Save Your Money Mama and go win some free meat!!
    Visit Moms Take On Things and post a comment to enter!Go!! It's free beef!!!

    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Free Custom Designed Blog Background Templates and more!

    Happy Thursday Mamas! Well, my Serena & Lily Market Sling giveaway is going on now, if you haven't entered what are you waiting for? This is one gorgeous, conventional sling any mom would love to sport! See yesterday's post to enter! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY THAT HAS COME AND POSTED A COMMENT AND TO THOSE WHO HAVE BLOGGED ME!!! Now, do you want to spruce up and beautify your blog with a custom designed background template FOR FREE?? Yes, I said FREE!! Do you need step by step EASY and CLEARLY WORDED instuctions to do something like that? (after all, we're mamas, not computer geeks;) Then you are in for a treat!! I found out from another mom blogger about this site, Aqua Poppy Designs, I checked it out, picked an awesome background and was actually able to follow the EASY instructions and changed it myself!!! It was easy, I only goofed up once but got it perfecto on the 2nd attempt!! (And I'm not the greatest with stuff like that:) So save your money mama and go get yourself a snazzy new bloggy background for FREE! visit Aqua Poppy Designs here: And I want to hear what you guys think about my new super cool background, is it just me or is it a nice touch?? Let me know! And if you get a new design from Aqua Poppy like me, let me know so I can check it out too!! Now, here are some hot new blog contests with awesome winning odds and great prizes for moms to enjoy just for themselves that I've entered today! Check em' out! You just might win!
    • My Road To Riches is giving away a Mary Kay "Satin Hands" Set ARV $30 (ends 7/13)! Keep your hands so kissably soft!!Visit the site and post a comment about how you are trying to save money this summer!
    • Craft Therapy is giving away a custom made, personalized bracelet! It's adorable jewelry! Just visit the site and post a comment to win! Ends 7/23
    • Metropolitan Mama is giving away a cityscape bag, by Allen Avenue, ARV $79.95 and it's hot! To visit the site click here and post a comment to enter! (ends 7/12)
    • Smart Mama is giving away a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit!! Holy Moly!! I want to win this one! The odds aren't as good with this one but with such an awesome prize it's worth entering for sure! Visit Smart Mama and leave a comment with your best eco-friendly tip (ends 7/23)
    • And last but least! My latest win received is: Yesterday I recieved a package from Christine at From Dates To Diapers! I won her blog contest "Summer Fun Giveaway"! I got a cool box complete with an adorable beach tote and ball, and several Aveeno sunscreen products!!! Thanks!!!! Check out the site, she does lots of cool giveaways! I've also gotten some emails about other blog contests I've won lately!!!! When I receive each prize I'll post about it!! See mamas, we really can save our money and win free stuff! Wait til you see what I've won!!! What have you won lately? Post a comment and brag about your wins!! Come deserve it!!!

    Wednesday, July 9, 2008

    Win a Serena & Lily Market Sling!! (ARV $129.99) Ends 7/18

    So, we all know that Serena & Lily sells gorgeous designer baby and child furniture,but now they also have an awesome gift line.
    My very favorite item in their new gift line is their signature Market Sling! Isn't it gorgeous! The Market Slings are hand-embroidered for style and are available in three colors as well as three sizes. Not only are they gorgeous and oh so stylish, but they are made with organic cotton and feature a super-soft brushed interior to keep baby extra snug and comfy! The Serena & Lily Market Slings are also machine washable so no worries about cleaning!
    The greatest thing about the Market Slings is that unlike regular old front or back baby carriers, there are no snaps, belts or buckles to fiddle with while trying to get baby in! How convenient is that! Now you can get baby right in and right out without worrying about dropping your keys, breaking a nail, or slamming your dress in the car door! How perfect for quick trips to the store, walks around the neighborhood or big family outings!
    Serena & Lily's Market Slings are the perfect combination of style and convenience! Just about every new or expecting mom right now wants to get her hands on one of these!! Finally, a sling that is organic, snug and cozy, easy to use, AND absolutely, positively GORGEOUS, don't you agree? WANT A SERENA & LILY MARKET SLING FOR YOUR BABY, OR AS A FABULOUS GIFT FOR A NEW OR EXPECTING MOM? WELL, SAVE YOUR MONEY MAMA AND WIN ONE!!! Serena & Lily has generously offered to give ONE Save Your Money Mama reader a signature Market Sling of their own in his or her choice of color and size!! Whoo-Hoo! All you need to do to enter to win this fabulous prize is to visit Serena & Lily (click here) and take a look! They even have loads of info. and a handy dandy chart to help you determine your size! Then come back here and leave me a comment letting me know which color AND size you would like if you are my lucky winner! That's it! No pick me, or enter me stuff please!
    1.Giveaway ends on 7/18/08 at 5pm

    2.Winner chosen by and notified by email, as well as posted here on July 19th, and will have 48 hours to reply.

    3. Non-bloggers please leave your email address in your comment, or I have to pick a new winner!

    4.For an extra entry, blog about my site or this giveaway and leave an additional comment letting me know and with a link to it.

    5.For an extra entry,add me to your bloglist or blogroll, leave an additional comment with a link toThat means each person can get up to 3 entries!!

    Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush (ARV $169.99) Giveaway at Blondemomblog!! Ends 7/20

    OK mamas, here's another giveaway for you!! Blondemomblog is giving away one of these awesome power toothbrushes with ultrasound waveguide technology!!! HOly Moly!!! This brush sure makes my little wimpy toothbrush seem useless!!! To enter, click on the title of this blog, it will take you to Blondmomblog, then you comment with the kind of toothbrush you currently use (uh...I think mine is from the dollar store so don't worry:) And of course, GOOD LUCK MAMAS!!!

    Monday, July 7, 2008

    Moms Generations Is Having An Awesome Giveaway! 5 winners, Grand Prize worth $400!!

    OK, mamas, I have my fingers crossed on this one!! Moms Generations has just changed its name (formerly named "Pinks &Blues"), and to celebrate, they are hosting a fabulous blog giveaway!!! The grand prize winner receives a gorgeous basket filled with goodies by Johnson & Johnson, a stunning necklace, trendy diaper bag, a pregnancy belly cast, an Easy-Bake Oven (my mom wouldn't let me have one of these. . . could that be why I hate to cook?), and last but not least an icybag!!! 4 runners up will win just the Johnson & Johnsons goodie basket!! Click on the title of this blog above, and it will take you to Moms Generation where you can check out the giveaway!!!! Up to 4 entries per person so what are you waiting for?

    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Win Huggies Little Swimmers and other summer baby goods!!! Ends 7/10

    I don't know about you, but I can't survive summer as a mama without Huggies Little Swimmers!! I have tried the cheaper store brand swim pants, and each time I regretted that decision due to leaky swim pants. Did you know you can order Huggies Little Swimmers online? Well you can!! How convenient is that? Do so at To enter the giveaway click the title above to visit simple-reviews and enter the giveaway!

    $25 GoodForTheKids gift card Giveaway at Tres Fun!! Ends 7/8 is currently having a giveaway where we can win a $25 gift card to (they have awesome toys and other kids' stuff), as well as 3 Wonderpets Beanies (OMG I want these!) click on the title above to visit and comment to enter! Good Luck Mamas!!

    Win Nature's Baby Organic Products!! Ends 7/17

    Over at JustTalk, they are hosting a fabulous giveaway to win a set of organic bath products for your little one made by Nature's Baby! I know my 2 youngest kids have very sensitive skin, and I like to try organic body washes and lotions that don't irritate them as much as regular bath products! Click the title to visit justtalk and comment to enter! GOOD LUCK MAMAS!!!!

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    Giveaway Week at!! Ends 7/8

    How cool! I just entered to win a summer essentials prize pack that includes Huggies products, some healthy snacks and other prizes!! To enter for this blog giveaway as well as others, visit the following link!! is a great blog for mamas and right now it is giveaway week!! Check it out!

    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Enter to win All-Natural Household Cleaners! Expires 7/14/08

    Follow the following link to visit 3 winners will win 3 various Terracycle Household cleaners!! We all know we could use all the help we can get in the cleaning department!

    I just entered a contest for me!! Expires 7/8/08

    OK moms, I just entered a fabolous giveaway at a blog I just found. This giveaway isn't for the kids, but for us and our homes!! This website, backporchpickens, features beautiful creations! To check it out and enter to win a basket of goodies and decorations for your home, follow the link below!! Good Luck!!