Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Saturday! Enter some giveaways!

Well, it's Saturday again! Didn't the week just fly by! I can't believe it's almost Back To School time...I'm not ready!!
I haven't been entering as many blog contests over the last few days, I've been so busy! But if you enter the best giveaways, all you really need is a few to win! The other day I found out I won a box of beauty goodies from Cybelesays (I'm way excited to see what's in there), and then I won an Espresso Kitchen Soap, that'll make even me want to do the dishes (I mean, just once, to try it you know;) And Yesterday I found out I won an absolutely GORGEOUS Clock from The Downtown Boutique's giveaway! I'm psyched! I love winning free stuff, and it's all awesome stuff that I can really enjoy! I think I may review some of my prizes on my blog in the future! And I'm going to be having a giveaway of my own very soon!
Here are some really great blog contests so enter them all!
1. Do your kids always beg you for fast food like mine do? Well go ahead and take them out for a treat for FREE! Win a $10 BK gift card. Just check out the giveaway at Momma In Flip Flops2 and post a comment letting her know how often you eat up on some fast food (or at least how often we're willing to admit) by 7/31
2.Back To School can become quite costly! Clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, pencils....the list goes on. Well, lighten the load this year and win a Land's End backpack with a $10 Walmart card to help fill it up! To enter just go to Accidental Mommies and follow the rules to post a comment! (ends 8/8)
3. You know what's even better than a backpack giveaway at Back -To School time?? Two backpack giveaways at Back To School Time of course! Enter another Land's End Backpack giveaway!! Click on over to A Bookworm (Mom)'s Diary and follow her rules to enter! (Ends 8/7)
4. Want smooth as a baby's bum hands? Who doesn't? Then enter to win a Mary Kay Satin Hands Set just by posting a comment per the rules over at One Day At a Time by 8/9!
5. Win a Clorox Bleach Pen(kids should come with one of these, especially boys). Just go to Now What do you Think About That? to post a comment to enter!
6. Have kids that like new toys? Well me too! So I entered a fabulous giveaway to win a Purple SUV Automoblox ($37.95), which is a really great beachwood car with tons of cool features that I know whould keep my boys busy for a while!! Just go right on over to The Giveaway and follow the instructions to post a comment to win! (ends 8/4)
7. Win some tightie-whities:) Actually, win a $25 gift certificate! Wouldn't it be perfect for back to school necessities? Go on over to Just A Mom's Take On Things and post a comment telling her what all you'd get if you won! (ends 8/2)


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gotcha and happy saturday to you too!

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You won a ton of stuff. Way to go!

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Happy Thursday! Gotcha!