Saturday, July 12, 2008

Look What I've Won! Whoo-Hoo!

Happy Saturday Mamas!!

I was just finishing my trillionth load of laundry on my "day off" after putting my little guy down for his nap (hallelujah). This morning I took him out to play in the dirt, mud, leaves, and trees so he was a tired guy!

DING-DONG! UPS delivery! Check out my superb prizes that I won from Vanilla Joy! I was their winner of a Lil' Rinser (to keep baby's eyes non-soapy in the bath), A Huggies Little Swimmers summer pack (check out all the goodies in it) and 2 Kraft Bagel-fuls free product coupons which will arrive directly from Kraft!! Check out their site, they do cool bloggy contests like this one!! So I guess now I saved MY money;)

  • And, last night I found out I was one of 5 winners of a customized blog design, complete with custom header, background and button by Aqua Poppy Designs They also have TONS of FREE......I'll say that again....FREE blog backgrounds that you can download, as well as clear and easy instructions!
  • I currently have one of their FREE designs on my blog now and I've been LOVING it! But check back soon to see what Aqua Poppy Designs comes up with for my customized blog design that I WON!!! It's a $25 value!! I'm doing the dance right now!!! Some of my readers have already done so and their blogs look amazing! And it was FREE!! So do it and come back and give us a link so we can check it out!
  • Today's Best of The Best is coming right up:)


quitecontrary1977 said...

gotcha back.. can't wait to see your new design!! or mine!! which package did you get? i just uopted for the lil poppy version of what i am already using...

Laura said...

clickin by

Parker Family said...

I have to say I was jealous of you winning the blog makeover. I had entered, but didn't win. :( It'll be fun to see what you end up with!

Little Window Shoppe said...

How exciting! Way to go. :)