Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Teachers LOVE to blog!!!!! At least, I'm assuming:)

I have noticed that there are an awful lot of teachers in bloggyland!!!!!! And many people have asked me about my teaching. So, I thought I'd give a shout out to us teachers, because, well, let's be honest.......we rock!!!! If you're a teacher, leave a comment here and tell me what age/grade you teach, subject(s) and where you teach if you want to share that too!! I am thinking of coming up with a blog for my class next year, anyone ever done that? I'm curious to see how many teachers are out there!!! I'll go first. Let's see, I've been working as a teacher and will be beginning my 5th year of credentialed, full time teaching. I've taught 7th and 8th grade, and have worked at 3 different schools. Currently I am teaching at what is undeniably one of the roughest and toughest schools in Sacramento County, hands down. I was involuntarily transferred there in the middle of last year, because they were desperate for teachers and I had classes of about 10 at my original school, but now I'm there because I see my purpose and how many of these kids at this school have nobody, and believe I'm there for a reason. Is it different YES? Is it difficult? Oh Yeah, I've seen things I didn't even know COULD exist!!!!! But is it rewarding YES YES YES!!!! I am credentialed to teach reading, language arts, or ESL (my absolute fave, I got to teach it last year and can't wait to do it again). Next year I will be teaching something new to me, it's a reading intervention program. It's way to tough, and apparantly my skills and ability to "handle" the tough kids got me picked for that.
I'm also part of something amazing at this school. We are one of the first technology acadamies of our type in the nation. Each student has a computer in each class, each desk is built with a computer in it!! They close their desk, it's a desk. When I say open, they all have a superfast computer with every program and internet at their fingertips!! It's been good and bad, and I'm learning so much!! It's the school of the future, and people from every state in the nation have come to see it and you will see all schools looking this way eventually. (especially here in CA where education is extremely diverse).
So your turn teach!!!!
And, if you haven't checked out my list of the best blog contests right below, go check it out!!!!!! I'll have a new list up later today!!


queenoftheclick said...

I am Marlene from Brooklyn. I agree, teachers are the best! I teach gifted middle school students computer skills. Yes, it's a nice job to have.

Oh I have the perfect site for you to use with your students (hopefully it isn't blocked at your school). The site is http://www.ning.com

At ning, you can set up a private social network. So basically, you are setting up your own myspace - but it's safe because you control who can be added to the site. So each student can set up their own profile (backgrounds, graphics) and add music, pictures and videos. In addition you can have them blog on topics and respond to each other. You can even start a forum topic on books you read or current events. What I love about Ning is that it is so natural for the students to use it and it doesn't take long to set it up. You can give students the assignment of starting forum posts and then everyone answering it.

So what are the problems with ning. Some students used inappropriate language and some got into very heated forum discussions. I made two responsible students to be admins and instructed them to delete anything they wanted.

We used the network from April to June. At the end of the year, the students asked me what was going to happen to it. I let them keep it and they are using it this summer.


Laura said...

Gotcha today

Blake and Meichelle said...

Awesome! Gotcha today.

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

Not a traditional teacher, but a homeschool mom of 1 teen. We did do regular school for a while and I do truly appreciate teachers. You all have such a tough job! My son and I use as much technology as possible in his education. It just keeps him so much more interested in things and learning about tech on top of the traditional subjects. Good luck with the blog project!

ThreadBeaur said...


I am a teachers assistant at a montessori preschool. It sounds like your school is amazing! Is it hard to keep the kids on task sitting a computer with the internet at their fingertips??

"Deal"icious Mom said...

I too am a teacher. I teacher Special Education Language Arts to High School Students in East Los Angeles.

I think it is a great idea to set up a blog for your students. Good luck.