Friday, July 18, 2008

TGIF!! & More Best of The Best (Updated)

First off, thanks so much to everybody that commented about my son's dental woes, you guys made me realize that it's not my fault, and kids don't always tell us about aches and pains, and then when we find out they've had a cavity, we feel so bad, but it's not mamas fault!! And I like the comment about making hubby do the dentist thing from now on...hmmm...I think I could work that:) And he's happy as a clam, he's visiting Grandma and Grandpa all by himself for 3 days!! And boy, it is quiet with just 2 kids in the house!! No constant fighting between my 12 and 7 year old!! It's kind of weird. 3 kids seems like such a leap from 2 kids, is it just me?
And, this evening when I get home from swimming (it's sooo hot here in CA:), I'm going to find out who is the big winner of my Serena & Lily Market Sling Giveaway! You have until 5pm today, CA time to enter or get your extra entries. The odds may be better than they look, because I'm unfortunately going to have to delete many comments because they either are non-blogger and without an email addy, or they didn't answer the question required to win!!
Here are some really great blog contests I've dug up, I'll add to it when I find a good one:)
1. Here's a contest where you can win; 500 entrecard credits (I'm just learning about entrecard credits myself, any suggestions or tips about them appreciated;), an Italian charm bracelet, and a $50 Target gift card!! Visit SunEGrl Loves To Shop, read the rules, and post a comment to be entered to win!! There are tons of ways to earn extra entries too! (ends 7/31)
2.So, in case you don't win the above contest, here's another one that's giving away 3, yes THREE $50 Target gift cards!! And mamas love Target!! There's quite a few entries, but it evens out because they are picking 3 winners!! To enter simply visitThe Secret is in The Sauce, read the instructions and rules, and then post a comment to win!! Extra entries available!! Do this one now, winner picked tomorrow, 7/19.
3. Do you love hair accessories? Well I have tons and tons of hair on my head, and always looking for something to hold it back, something cute yet that works on my lion's mane! Win a $30 credit to Andrea's Beau, a shop with exceptional hair accessories for moms and little girls! Visit The Giveaway, follow the instructions/rules, and post a comment to enter! Extra entries available on this one too:) (ends 7/26)
4. Trendy!! Win personalized wooden name letters for your child's room, or any room, a $100 value! This one is actually fun to enter, just visit Project Nursery, and post a comment telling about your child(ren)'s name(s) and where you came up with them!! why you're there, check out my post about my kids' names:) So go brag about your awesome name choice(s)!! (ends 7/25)
5. Hooray!!!! Another kids shoes giveaway!!! I'm telling you, I'm gonna win some shoes for my little guy sooner rather than later! And so are YOU:) This fab contest is for a pair of Robeez shoes!! Robeez are great, we all know that, so save your money mama and win some baby shoesies! Just visit Clementine Northwest, and follow the instructions/rules to post a comment to enter!! Extra entries available here! So go now!! (ends 7/31)
6. OK, seriously, this is cool. If you are into, or know someone who is into, ESP's, tarot cards, fortune tellers, or the work of mediums, then this giveaway is for you. I entered it because although I'm not too familiar with this topic, I am intrigued and would like to learn more about it! Win the book, "Tarot for Your Self:A Workbook For Personal Transformation". There will be 3 winners! Visit Medium Dreams and post any comment to win! (ends 7/30).
7. ANOTHER WHOLE FOODS GIVEAWAY! YIPPEE!! Win a $25 gift card to Whole Foods Markets! There are 3 ways to earn up to 3 entries! Just visit dkMommy Spot(and they're set to do this same giveaway every Friday for several weeks:), and follow the rules from there to enter! Good Luck! (ends 7/21)
8. Does your child(ren) enjoy doing art projects? My oldest son isn't quite the artsy one, he'd rather go digital someway or another, but my 7 year old is fascinated with drawing, painting, coloring, and anything arts and crafts like. So, I entered to win an Eco-Kids, All Natural Arts Supply Goody Bag for my son! Visit Props & Pans and post a comment according to the instructions! Extra entries available! (ends 7/26)


Robinegg said...

I'd love to win the grass/marigold sling ina size medium. My e-mail is This is a great site! I found you on Project Nursery.

Parker Family said...

Nice blog makeover! I'm quite impressed!

quitecontrary1977 said...

Your blog looks so gorgeous!!! and gotcha today.

Laura said...

Nice!! Cant wait to see what they come up with for you. Gotcha!!

Dena said...

Thanks for posting about my contest. Your blog is great. I'm going to post it to my Squidoo Contests page if you don't mind.

Blogger said...

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