Friday, August 1, 2008

Computer crashed

hi everyone, my laptop crashed right in the bloggy giveaways...nooooo... but yes, i'm computerless...right now i'm using my son's wii to get online and it's very awkward to type, so i'm working on getting a new pc, i should be back in the next few days, i may even be back later with snazzy wii keyboard, since it's already taken 12 minutes to type this diggity-darn message with the wii controller. wish me luck on getting back online asap


Meichelle said...
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Meichelle said...

Hey! You won my giveway! E-mail me at meichelle_w[at]hotmail[dot]com

quitecontrary1977 said...

sorry to hear that!!!! that's're using the wii!

Shana said...

HI! I am so happy to let you know that you won the super cute rubber gloves at my giveaway. Just send me an e-mail with your mailing info.

sis0321 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Melinda Zook said...

OMG, I just noticed the two comments above me. Boy, you are lucky chic today.

You won the Youthful Girlie Giveaway over at my blog...looks like you need to hurry up and go buy yourself a lottery ticket girlfriend with that luck.

Email me with your info on where to send it at mzook at gmail dot com

ThreadBeaur said...

I know typing on the wii is hard! Hope you find a good deal on a computer soon!

ThreadBeaur said...

new feature of the wii, you can now plug in a usb keyboard! I have not tried it, but you could give it a whirl!

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! I hope you're up and running soon!

Thanks for stopping by my giveaway! come visit anytime!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I hope you are back online soon! A crashed computer is no fun!

We, The Chocolistas, are wondering if you would list our contest on your blog...when it is up and running again.

Here are the details:

Name That Chocolate Dessert - Fourth Edition

Prizes: winner's choice of two iron-on appliques from Little Bird Creations and winner's choice of pendant from beads-n-baubles4u.

Dates: August 4-16

Winner announced August 17.

Come and join in some Chocolate Fun!

The Chocolistas
Deborah & Colleen


AudreyO said...

Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm finally getting a chance to read all of the blogs from the bloggy carnival and loving what I'm finding.

I can't imagine losing my computer during such an important week LOL.
Hope you're up and running soon.

CanCan said...

Oh no! I guess everything isn't better yet?

Vanessa said...

With the wii controller :) I am sorry I shouldn't laugh :)

be sure to comment on my giveaway to win!

A Savvy Event said...

Just wanted to let you know A Savvy Baby is doing 5 Fabulous Days of Giveaways! We hope you will stop by and check them out!
Share them with your friends too!!!
WE Love your Blog

The A Savvy Baby Team


Parker Family said...

I take it that you still haven't got a new computer! Let me know when you are up and running again.

m said...

Sorry, you are having computer troubles:(
Hope you get back online soon:)

Sharon said...
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Computer crashed
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Computer crashed
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