Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Linky Love Anyone??

Hi fellow mamas!! There are sooo many great bloggy contests!! I'm creating a post to list all of the best of the best bloggy contests and it should be up later today!! If you know of any or are having your own bloggy contest and you'd like me to list it just let me know!! Also, don't forget to subscribe or follow, I'll be having some very cool giveaways of my own in January!!
Also, I've been coming across so many wonderful mama blogs and I'd love to exchange links with you guys!!!! Let me know, we can exchange buttons or even text links!! Thanks to The Happy Mom Blog, I now have my code up so it can be easily grabbed!! Check out her awesome blog while you're here!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Win a Peek email only device!!!!!

What busy mama doesn't want a device that makes it simple and snazzy to send and receive email on the go?? Now you can! Enter to win a Peek by visiting Busy Mom and post a comment to win! Extra entries available! And while you're there, don't forget to check out the other cool contests!!

It's Saturday!! Win Some Free Stuff for Your Kids!! Lots of DS games!! (Updated)

What better way to relax this weekend than to enter some cool bloggy contests and win free stuff!!!! Start off by entering another awesome contest to win the 2, yes 2 Zenses games for Nintendo DS!!! Just click on over to Loving Heart Mommy and post a comment to enter! Extra entries available, ends 1/3
While you're over at Loving Heart Mommy check out her giveaway to win a HP Photosmart printer!! Yes I said printer!! I've got my fingers crossed on this one!!! Extra entries available, ends 1/1 so hurry!
You can also enter to win BOTH Zenses games for Nintendo DS by visiting A Wrestling Addicted Mommy and post a comment to win! Extra entries available, ends 1/3!
Win a TickleMe Plant!! The plant that moves when you "tickle" it!! Awesome!! Simply click over to The Dirty Shirt and post a comment to win! Extra entries available, ends 12/31...hurry~
Here's another great blog with contests going on. My fave is to win Zenses:rainforest and Zenses:Ocean for Nintendo DS. One winner gets both!! Just click over to Robyns Online World and post a comment to enter! Extra entries available, ends 1/2
You can also enter to win the 2 Zenses games for the DS by visiting Rockin Mama and post a comment to win!! Extra entries available, ends 1/10. While there, check out Rockin Mama's other giveaways!!!
Do you really want to win Zenses for the DS? I mean...REALLY? I do!! So..... enter to win BOTH Zenses:Rainforest AND Ocean for the Nintendo DS!! Go to Thoughts from the Mrs. and enter per her rules! Extra entries are available, ends 1/2
You can also win the Nintendo DS Zenses games by visiting a cool blog I just found, The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth and enter per her rules! Extra entries available, ends 1/2
I found another cool site that I subscribed to and they have quite a few great giveaways going on. You can win both Zenses games for the DS by posting a comment at Photo Bug Baby. Extra entries available, ends 1/1 at noon so get on it!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Bloggy Contests for Mamas after Christmas!

Aahhh....the day after Christmas!! New Year is fast approaching and I simply cannot believe it is going to be 2009?!!! Time just flies faster and faster it seems! I hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday, no matter how or what you celebrate! After all of the hustle and bustle of the last few days I finally had a day to sit back and relax and find some awesome bloggy contests to enter and win!! Here's some of today's faves! Good luck!
Just in case my last post didn't give you enough Nintendo DS contests..... Here's another one from a blog I just happened upon and really like and will be following from now on! Win Zenses:Ocean AND Zenses:Rainforest for the Nintendo DS!! Just click on over to Momma Findings and post a comment to win BOTH games! Extra entries available and ends 1/5
Win Funky Monkey snacks for you kids!!! What could be better than free snacks......snacks that are made with 100% real fruit too!! Just click over to Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls and post a comment to win! Extra entries available, ends 1/1 so hurry and enter!!
Even ANOTHER great giveaway to win BOTH Zenses games for the Nintendo DS!!! Just visit Mom Giveaways and post a comment to win!Ends 1/2 And while you're there, I highly recommend checking it out and subscribing even!! This blog has TONS of great bloggy contests for moms!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Win Free Nintendo DS games!!!!!!! New Contests Added!!

What Mama doesn't need to relax after this time of year?? I know I do!! And there are loads of bloggy contests where you can win the hot new video games created just for moms that give you the tools you'll need to bring the New Year in relaxtastically (yes, I made that word up)!!!Zenses: Rainforest and Zenses:Ocean were created with women in mind. Check out the Zenses Games and then get busy entering to win one!! 1. Enter to win Zenses Rainforest AND Zenses Ocean for Nintendo DS!!! Yes, you can win both! Extra entries available!! Simply visit What's That Smell? and post a comment to win! This blog has lots of great reviews and giveaways so check it out! Ends 1/6
2. Enter AGAIN to win the Zenses:Rainforest PLUS the Zenses:Ocean games for DS! Just click on over to a blog I follow, Just a Mom's Take on Things, and post a comment to win! Check out the blog while you're there, other great giveaways are going on! Extra entries available, ends 1/3
3. Win Rubik's World, Bratz Kidz Slumber Party, or Bratz Ponyz 2 for Nintendo DS!! To enter, simply visit Moms Review:Little Gamers Contest, and post a comment! Great blog too! Extra entries available! Ends 1/5/09
4. Enter another contest to win Zenses:Rainforest AND Zenses:Ocean for the DS!! Just visit Chocolate Fingerprints and post a comment to win! Check out the fabulous blog as well! Extra entries available, ends 1/12/09
5. You can also enter to win a copy of Zenses: Rainforest AND Zenses: Ocean by visiting The Post-It Place and posting a comment!Check out the blog and get your Extra entries too, ends 1/1/09
6. Another FABULOUS and WONDERFUL bloggy contest where you can win both Zenses games for the Nintendo DS!! I'm hoping that I win one of these contests, the Zenses games look AMAZING!! Just visit Maria's Space, a cool blog that I follow and check out regularly! Post a comment to win and you can earn extra entries too!! Ends 1/4/09
7. You can also enter to win BOTH Zenses games for the Nintendo DS by visiting another SPECTACULAR blog that I follow and enjoy, All Because Two People Fell In Love and post a comment to be entered! Extra entries are available and this contest ends 12/30/09
8. You can win BOTH Zenses games again at a blog I just found, but know I'll be visiting regularly! Go to Red Sox Mommy and post a comment to enter! Extra entries available! Ends 1/6/08

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Win for Me!!!!

Today I received an email that I won a case of Primo water (a fabulous eco-friendly bottled water) from a great blog that hosts lots of contests for moms called Something Snappy. Go check it out!! She's giving away some great prizes!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Enter to win Guitar Hero:On Tour Decades for Nintendo DS! Be a cool mom!!

If you're a mom than you probably know about Nintendo DS and how cool it is! Well Cool Moms Rule! is having a giveaway where 5 cool moms can win this cool game for their oh so cool kids!! Whew, I said "cool" an awful lot in that sentence!! Just visit Cool Moms Rule! Giveaway and post a comment to win!! Don't forget to read the rules, there's a fun way to earn up to 6 entries!! Ends 12-22-08 so hurry!! Another awesome giveaway that I entered at Cool Moms Rule is for my furry friends. See, I have 2 labrador retreivers, one chocolate and one yellow. I just entered to win the coolest collar cam for my dogs that tapes everything from his or her neck! Ha ha!! Now I'll get them when they eat my Taco Bell Chalupas and bean burrito!! Post a comment to win right here and you can earn extra entries too! 5 winners! Hurry! Ends 12-31-08

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mommy Versus Snot!!!! Mommy Wins!!!

Are your kids snot factories like mine?? Constantly chasing them around with tissues as they wipe their noses on the couch and other household objects? Tired of being embarassed by those booger marks on the shoulders of your shirts?? ME TOO!! THAT'S WHY I ENTERED TO WIN A BOOGIE WIPES GOODIE BASKET!! What's boogie wipes you ask? Only the best way to wipe little noses that includes saline to help comfort dry, raw skin. Go check out Boogie Wipes and see what the fuss is about!! And then, head over to My Sippy Cup Runneth Over and post a comment to enter! Ends 12-27

Win a Color Me House or Rocket!!

I'm back on this fabulous Saturday morning to find some more of the best blog contests for moms!! Here's one I really really want to win!! You could win a playhouse or playrocket from Color Me House! I totally want to win the rocket for my boys!!! To post a comment to win, simply visit Jolly Mom!! Ends 1-5-09. Go check it out! Jolly Mom has some other awesome contests going on as well!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

OMG!!!Where Have I Been?????

I'm back in bloggy land!!!! Hooray!!!! I did get a new laptop, but once it came I was so busy with work and the kids that I wasn't blogging for some time! But now I'm back in full swing! And what better time than right now at Holidays!!!!! And I've been checking out the AWESOME contests and giveaways for moms! Holy Moly I can't stand to think of the prizes I missed while I was unbloggy!!
What mommy wouldn't want a Flip Ultra Video Camcorder (ARV $149.99)? I know I sure want one of these bad boys!! That's why I entered to win over at I Never Grew Up and you should too! Ends 1-2-09(Wow, 09 already?!)
I really want one of those VTech Kidi Art Studios for my creative son!! You know the ones where the kids take the digital pics and then upload to the TV?? Well you can win one by clicking on over to Stop Looking At Me and post a comment to win! Ends 12-22-08