Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mom Blogger Goals.....What are Yours?

2009 just began, and 2008 is soon to be a mere memory!! With a new year comes new goals, especially for mamas!! Many mamas have New Year Goals regarding motherhood, marriage, friendships and family. Other mamas may have New Year goals regarding career and education, and others may have goals regarding their home and budget, and last but certainly NOT least, mamas often have New Year goals centered around getting their bodies in shape and losing weight.And most mamas, if you're like me anyway, have goals for all of these areas of our life and then some!!!
My New Year's goals center around getting into better shape (I will be following my getting into shape/weight loss on my blog), making more time to visit family that live out of town, doing more family activities, grading my students' papers on a regular basis (these Marathon 12 hour grading frenzies gotta stop!), and organizing closets and storage areas in my home(yawn...gaag). What are your personal goals for 2009? Are they similar to mine?
As 2009 has begun to unravel like a mysterious surprise...I've been reading about many Mom Bloggers and their Mom Blogger Goals!! All of the buzz got me thinking about my own Mom Blogger Goals. What do I want to achieve in bloggyland this year? Do I want to get more subscribers, followers, hmmm...I'm still working on my own Mom Bloggers goals, what about you? Cool Baby Kid has an awesome post all about the topic of Mom Bloggers New Year Goals!! There are tons of super cool Mom Bloggers who share their own personal Mom Bloggers Goals for their blog in 2009, with fabulous ideas and information!! You can check out their blogs while you're there too! Head on over to It's New Year's Baby! Mom Blogger Goals and Big Blog Giveaway! and check it out!! And, yes, there is a super cool bloggers only giveaway!! You can win a featured sponser spot to advertise your blog, will that help your Mom Bloggers Goals? I'd bet it would!!!
And don't forget to stay tuned...follow or subscribe too! I'll be sharing ways to achieve your Mom Blogger Goals and some great resources for networking and promoting your blog! And as always, if you'd like to exchange buttons let me know!!


Rae Ann said...

Oh, man. I remember those marathon paper grading sessions. They would totally eat up my Sundays. Blah. I got spoiled teaching in special areas and I don't think I could go back to the regular classroom!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to following along with this theme!

Rhonda said...

My goals for 2009, both at home and on my blogs, is to get better organized. I think I will be able to work more efficiently then. I'll definitely be checking in to see the different suggestions you have for achieving goals this year!

Vicki Arnold said...

Great post! Be sure to drop your link in my Mr. Linky for goals for 2009. Mine are shared there. :-)