Saturday, January 17, 2009

My review: The Abby Roo Bag!! A Mother's Best Friend.

I know I can't possibly be the only mama who never can find just the right purse or bag!! I can't even tell you how many times I missed an important call because I couldn't find my ringing phone in my junkyard of a purse!! Or, what about the time that I was at work, looking for some change in my purse for a soda pop....digging and grabbing around in there for 3 minutes straight...just to have a tampon come flying out in front of several men I work with including my boss?! (true story...unfortunately). Oh...and don't even get me started about the fumble fingers I had while scouring my latest purse at the cash register of Target, promising the clerk that my ATM card is really in there...just give me one more second to find it?!
So what's a mama like me to do? My husband tells me to stop bringing every earthly belonging along with me and just use a wallet like he does........thanks dear....but once don't get it!! I can't leave the house without a myriad of receipts, pens, coupons I won't be able to find when I get to the store, notes from the kiddos that I forgot to sign the day before, a cough drop or two, unopened mail, many coins and various forms of makeup that I just might need! Don't forget the wallet, checkbook, know the drill!! Of course, I have attempted to find the perfect purse or bag and have a closet full of useless purses and bags of every color and style that I loved at the store and hated to use. I finally resolved that I'd have to switch from a purse to a bag for whatever I was doing, thus constantly forgetting one thing or another in the other purse (husband rolls eyes...."How many purses do you have?...I have one wallet")
I've tried small hobo bags, large hobo bags, clutches, backpack type bags, laptop bags, briefcase name it...I've tried it.....But I finally found the only bag I'll ever need.......ever!! And every mama knows when we find a bag that floats our boat it's a serious celebration!! A few months back, I won this AbbyRoo bag from a blog contest...and the two of us have been inseparable ever since!! I've had so many compliments on this bag and people asking me where I got it that I decided it would be the perfect product to do a review on!! I really think all mamas would fall in love with this AbbyRoobag as I did....Why? Well...I'll tell you..
  • The cotton/canvas material looks sharp and clean at all times..(AND it's even machine washable...I've washed mine twice already and it's good as new)
  • The 17" by 15" size of the main compartment fits everything from large binders and books to women's boots, diapers and clothes. The also large back pocket is just the perfect size to carry along your laptop.....with ease!!
  • The 2 1/2" wide shoulder strap allows you to conveniently wear the bag around your body to keep your hands free, or it can be knotted and worn over the shoulder!
  • Over the holidays, I literally used this as an overnight bag when visiting family for Christmas! I packed all of my clothes and toiletries and still had room for diapers and clothes for my little guy...ONE bag for the two of us for overnight!!
  • Unzip two full length zippers on each side of the bag, and it opens to reveal:

two 5" x 4" mesh zippered pockets

two 5" x 6" mesh zippered pockets

two 7" x 10" mesh zippered pockets

two 16" x 6" mesh side pockets

Check out all of these zippered yet see through mesh compartments!! Nothing will ever fall to the bottom of your purse again!! This bag has a main compartment 17" by 15", a back pocket perfect for a laptop, and the huge compartment that has all of the zippered pockets!! I've been able to carry this ONE bag in place of a purse, diaper bag, and bag to bring to work! I'm a teacher, and this bag holds 2 2" binders in its full sized compartment alone, plus my laptop, AND all of the other regular purse items!! It's available in black and white and also customized as cheer and dance bags! That's not me in the pic, BTW, that's the picture from the AbbyRoo site!!
Now...I've happened upon a bag that I can use as a carry it all bag that is cute, comfortable, organized, functional, and affordable! At $39, it's a deal! Go get yours at AbbyRoo today.

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dh said...

Love the pockets. That's a cool bag, looks like it would hold everything.