Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Softlips PURE, organic lip conditioner: My Review

I was lucky enough to win the two newest additions to the Softlips Family... Organic Honey Dew and Organic Pomegranate!! I won these lip lovies from Fashion Fling, a fabulous forum I found that has awesome giveaways and whatever other tips, ideas, and information you could ever want or need having anything to do with fashion! I recommend checking it out! Anyway, I must say, using softlips definitely results in soft lips!! I'm very impressed, and I have tried many various brands and kinds of lip glosses and lip conditioners, so I figured a review was in order!! Why would I definitely, positively recommend buying this product? Let me tell you...
  • Softlips PURE Honeydew and pomegranate are certified organic and 100% natural
  • They glide on so don't have to use more than one coat to completely moisturize and smooth your lips!
  • I'm a lipstick wearing lady, and my lipstick seems to go on even smoother and cleaner over the softlips! And there isn't any of that gunky gooey lip junk that seems to magically materialize with other lip glosses and moisturizers.
  • The softness and smoothness lasts nearly all day! I put my make up on at about 8am, and when I get home from work at about 5pm, my lips are still smooth and soft...and my lipstick seems to look much fresher and smoother on top of the softlips! I love it!!
  • It comes in a slim, compact little case that easily fits anywhere
  • It has 100% natural honeydew and pomegranate flavor...and its taste is subtle yet yummy
  • Free of gluten and pesticides...and softlips are animal cruelty free!! Super plus!!
  • And best yet....they are affordable!! This mama surely isn't going to spend more than a few bucks or so on a lip conditioner (I didn't say I never have, I said I'm not going to NOW), they cost between $3-$4....WOW! Last time I was at Target, I saw them for $3.69, not bad So the bottom line here is......if you are looking for a cheap, yet luxurious lip softener, that works great alone or even better under your lipstick...look no further (well, then your nearest store shelves:)

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Kara said...

OOh, the pomegranate sounds great! ive used the regular softlips before and really like those..Ive gotta try these now!