Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Cool Bloggy Contests... Updated!

I want to start off saying that I have won some fabulous contests lately, and couldn't be happier about it! My plan is to write reviews of the products, not only to give my perspective on the items, but also to share what I've won. It really helps to get free stuff in the mail! Stuff that I may otherwise would not have in my budget! Have you won anything cool lately?

So.....here are some bloggy contests I entered and thought were worthy of blogging about!! Enjoy!


Morgan said...

Wow, how did you win so many things?

Getting free stuff in the mail is fun. I recently started following freebies4mom and she has a ton of info. on how to get free samples of stuff, including coupons for freebies at restaraunts on your birthday!

Thanks for the compliment- : )

Drama queens mum said...

Great list of contests.