Friday, February 20, 2009

Free Diet Dr. Pepper!!

So Diet Dr. Pepper claims it tastes as good if not better than regular Dr.Pepper..... so .....

They're offering you YOUR CHOICE of a FREE 2-liter -OR

a FREE 20-oz bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper!

Really! It's FREE! They'll mail out your free coupon in 4-6 weeks!

I ordered my free sample and you can get yours BY CLICKING HERE!


I am Harriet said...

Great tip!
I'm stopping by from the MBC Comment Club to say hello!

Shelley said...

Awesome! Thanks! I'm going to get mine now too!

Staci said...

thanks for sharing!

Julia Schopick said...

I couldn’t resist responding to your wonderful line -- “Hey mamas...unfortunately...most of us must buy pads and tampons” -- by asking whether you have ever thought about trying REUSABLE menstrual products. In the long run, they are much cheaper, and they are definitely MUCH MORE environment-friendly!

Unfortunately, most women haven't really thought about how many tampons they use once (and then throw away) in their lifetime.

Well, recently posted a Comparison Photo Page (See, which shows -- in pictures -- exactly HOW MUCH WASTE the average woman who uses tampons creates in one month, one year, ten years and 40 years. (The average woman menstruates for forty years!)

These photos are worth at least A THOUSAND WORDS, because, frankly, I don’t think that women who use disposable menstrual products -- which is, unfortunately, MOST women -- actually like to think about the lifetime accumulation of waste they are foisting on our environment.

This visual provides actual proof of the huge amount of environmental waste we women create, in this small area alone.

And you’ll just love the photo on this Comparison Photo Page of the DUMP TRUCK, which is FILLED with 260 pounds of tampons and packaging. Believe it or not, the average woman actually uses (and tosses into the environment) that many pounds of tampons in her menstruating lifetime -- and if she uses disposable menstrual pads, there would even be more waste!

Julia Schopick
Marketing Director
The Keeper, Inc.

Frugal Girls! said...

Yum ~ I love Diet Dr. Pepper... thanks!! :)