Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nickelodeon's iCarly Season 1, Volume 2 Out on DVD!

Carly Shay and her friends Sam and Freddie are back with the brand new Nickelodeon Home Entertainment DVD release of iCarly Season 1, Volume 2! This just became available for purchase on April 21, 2009! This 2-disc set follows Carly, Sam and Freddie as they deal with crazy life and school, growing up, and crankin' out the number one web!
Now if you have children, especially tweens or teens...then you have seen iCarly! My 13 year old and 7 year old sons LOVE watching iCarly on Nickelodeon...In I write this...My 13 year old is watching iCarly on TV!! I can't help but chuckle myself every few minutes.....this show is hilarious! My personal favorite is Sam, the sassy sidekick! She so reminds me of my students! I even brought iCarly Season 1, Volume 2 to school and showed an episode or two to my students for a treat! And I love that when my sons are watching iCarly....I don't have to worry about what they are seeing...I know and trust Nickelodeon, always have, always will!
iCarly Season 1, Volume 2 features 12 episodes, all-new to DVD! It also includes exclusive extras such as Behind-the-Scenes fun and the pilot episode of True Jackson, VP.! It's running time is 292 minutes! That's 12 new to DVD episodes of iCarly!!
DISC 1 Episodes:
iAm Your Biggest Fan
iHeart Art
iHate Sam's Boyfriend
iDon't Want to Fight
iPromote Tech-Foots
iGot Detention ~~~~~~this is my personal fave, I guess it's the teacher in me!
DISC 2 Episodes:
iCarly Saves TV (extended version)
iMight Switch Schools
iWin a Date
iHave a Love Sick Teacher
I always love to purchase DVD Season Sets of my kids' favorite shows, so that way, when nothing is on TV or there is "nothing to do", my 13 year old isn't left to his own devices for any length of time! Purchase iCarly Season 1, Volume 2 HERE!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eebee's Adventures DVDs Review & Giveaway: Transform Everyday Play!

Who is Eebee Baby? Eebee Baby was inspired by all babies, driven by the very latest research on the way real babies learn and grow! Eebee's Adventures DVDs bring Eebee Baby right into your home to help you transform everyday play into learning that lasts! They encourage active play which automatically translates into active learning! Now when my oldest son was a baby, Sesame Street was about as good as it got! When my now 7 year old was a baby, we had Baby Einstein. Those were OK and they seemed to keep my son happy and quiet all right, but really...he was just sitting..and...sitting, when he was watching a Baby Einstein movie. Thankfully, my youngest has gotten to know Eebee Baby! Rather than your baby just passively sitting and watching, Eebee's Adventures DVDs encourage your baby to play with regular things that you ALREADY HAVE around your house, nothing fancy (because you know this mama doesn't do fancy:) things like bowls, spoons, paper, blankets and balls! Eebee's Adventures DVDs will show you and your baby how to play with objects in ways that foster lifelong learning! See that long list of awards at left? Those were all awarded to the Eebee's Adventures DVDs because they are just that awesome, and because Eebee Baby knows that babies learn by doing, and by actively exploring their surroundings, and Eebee Baby leads the way....your little one will gladly follow;) Just look at that! They've been awarded so many awards by so many reputable agencies!

When my son was younger, he used to giggle and laugh through the entire show! I loved to watch him as he watched Eebee Baby play! I would always get out the objects that were being used in that episode and place them nearby my son so he could grab them as he would see Eebee Baby playing with them. Now that he's 28 months old, he's still not too old for Eebee's Adventures DVDs! What is the most fun to watch now, is how HE goes around the house and gathers the objects he needs as he sees Eebee Baby playing with them! time flies! And my husband loves Eebee's Adventures DVDs because he feels like they really help him play with our son in a way that is developing his social and intellectual skills! And let me tell you...this is much more interactive and fun than any type of educational toy for baby that I've ever seen, and you don't need batteries either;)

There are 3 DVDs in the Series:

Exploring Real Stuff!:My son loves this one!It's all about feeling objects, finding out what they feel like, sound like, what they do, etc. You can use some basic kitchen items like bowls, spoons and plastic containers! My son's favorite part of this one is when they use tubes, blocks, and a tissue box to roll balls up and down! My son thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to mimic Eebee Baby doing this, and whenever he sees a tissue box go empty, he immediately says, "Eebee Baby!" And even long after the DVD is over, my son always continues playing with the objects and exploring even new ways to play!
Figuring Things Out! This DVD is geared for 12 months and older, and it's my son's current favorite. This DVD is all about toddlers figuring out their world and the things around them! One episode is all about a using a flashlight to turn the light on and off, and making shadows! My son enjoys this and even has his own flashlight to play along! Another episode on this DVD is all about stacking and building with blocks, making rows, towers and other patterns and shapes! I really like this one myself, because I can see it initiating a lot of powerful thinking and decision making in my son, even now that he's 2! It helps toddlers with making decisions and planning, and sorting too! And the last episode is probably my son's favorite out of's all about getting around, over and under a mountain of floor pillows and a room full of obstacles! Beware: your day pillows and couch cushions may be in danger of become learning
And the 3rd DVD in the series, is the DVD I'm giving away to ONE Lucky Save Your Money Mama Reader:) Check out how much fun it looks!

All In A Day's Play!: This DVD has won the most awards of all, including a Parents Choice Award, iParenting Media Award, Creative Child Award, and a Mr. Dad Award! Real world experiences become learning fun once again with Eebee Baby! In the first episode, you and your baby will explore textures, language and sounds, using objects as simple as your baby's blankie! You will also use a mirror in play...which was my son's very favorite activity when he was a bit younger! And this DVD ends with you and your baby using objects to create rhythms and music,exploring the difference between loud and soft, in and out and up and down! It also comes with Bonus Features..."eebee's beat" is my son's favorite! It's a mini adventure in music and movement! You've got to check it out:)

Where Can I get These DVD's? Easy!

To buy one or all DVDs in the series, simply visit Eebee's Website by clicking HERE! And if you buy all 3 you get a discount! Even better:) And why you're there, check out all of the awesome toys and other products available at! Learn to play and have fun with your baby while he or she is learning at the same time! I highly recommend Eebee Baby Products to any parents or caregivers! These DVDs would make a wonderful gift for a new baby or a baby's first birthday! Would you like to win a copy of Eebee's Adventures, All In A Day's Play, (total running time 75 minutes)for yourself? Of course you would!! I have one copy for one lucky winner!

For your First, Mandatory Entry: visit eebee's adventures DVDs and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which of the 3 DVds you think you or your children, (or neice, nephew, friend's child, etc.) would like the best! That's it! I will choose one winner from all eligible comments using! Ends Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 9:00pm Pacific (CA) time!

For optional extra entries:(do one or do them all;) Leave a new comment for each new entry. So 2 extra entries get two extra comments!

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Boring Rules: Must be 18 years of age to enter and have a US mailing address. Giveaway ends May 13, 2009 at 9pm Pacific Time. One winner will be randomly chosen using Random.Org. Winner will be emailed and posted on my blog on May 14, 2009. Winner will have 72 hours to respond, or I reserve the right to randomly choose a new winner. Also, If the first randomly chosen winner has no way to be contacted...I will immediately randomly choose an alternate winner.

CheckAppointments.Com-Free Online Appointment Setting Software!

You know I love Freebies, and this is a Freebie that helps individuals AND small businesses get and stay organized and more efficient! is a 100% always free online appointment scheduling website! This is perfect for individuals and small businesses that want to be efficient, organized and successful! has several key features that makes it so amazing!'s FREE!

Manage Your Appointments and Verify Customers' Addresses! allows you schedule and manage your clients' appointments. You can set up the appointments and this application will send them a confirmation email and even a reminder email one day before the scheduled appointment! Not only does allow you to verify customer or appointmentees ( own new word;) addresses, but you are also provided with a list of alternative addresses and even a map of the location!

View All Upcoming Appointments and Manage Your Clients!

You can view ALL of your upcoming appointments as you log in, and you can filter them by location and professional! allows you to add your clients into the system for easy look up and to keep a record of all of your appointments/visits with that particular client!

Have Multiple Staff Members/Users? No Problem!

This service supports multiple staff members with multiple log ins, even in multiple locations! You can manage all of these in one place, on your computer screen!

Is it Easy to Use and Easy to Work? is SO easy to use! It does NOT require any special equipment, all you need is a computer with Internet Connection! And it's accessible from ANY computer ANYwhere! And you do not have to download OR install anything ever! They even have awesome customer support in case you have any questions or concerns!
So What Did Mama Think About It?
Although I don't have my own small business officially, I do run my blog and host reviews and giveaways, which does require a great deal of organization and efficiency to happen! I decided to create an account to keep track of my reviews, giveaways, and advertising, as well as other appointments such as doctors, lawyers, work meetings, kids' activities, etc. So I logged on to , created an account, added some information, and was ready to go! I've entered new contacts and information as they've come, and created a calender, of my scheduled reviews and giveaways, and even some other scheduled informational posts I have planned! And's FREE!
My Favorite, Most Useful Features!
  • For starters, creating an account and adding my information on was SIMPLE and QUICK! It didn't take long, and the website was fast and efficient! I didn't have to download or install anything at all!
  • Once I created my account and entered my information on, (as much or as little as I wanted), my very own website was created, complete with my logo, staff members and information, business practices, and location ready for business:) Although I didn't add in a physical address for my page, if I had...a map to the location would also be displayed on my page! How amazing would that be for small businesses!

I also really appreciate the simple, yet attractive design of! They aren't bogged down with details and hard to navigate like other FREE applications. There also isn't any annoying pop-ups or ads on the site to send you packin'. It is clean, simple, effective, and a must-have service for any small business owner or even mommy blogger:)

So you definitely want to pass this on to any small business owner that you know, and try it out for yourself to keep appointments for your blog! If you're still not sure, just visit and check it out a bit. If you're not yet sure that you want to create an account, you can view a live demo first by clicking here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eebee Baby

I love Eebee Baby! Ever since the first time he saw Eebee Baby, my son drops everything and just watches! It's like he thinks Eebee Baby is just for him! And the games that Eebee Baby plays help parents learn fun, simple, and educational games to play with their own baby! Games that inspire and connect parents with their babies and children! Now that my son is older, he enjoys watching Eebee Baby, learn and use objects in play! He mimics what Eebee Baby does and loves for me to clap "Yeah!!" when he's done! I've picked up some wonderful ideas from watching Eebee's Adventures, that have helped me turn playtime into fun learning time too! If you like Eebee and would like to see how Eebee Baby can help you and your child engage in everyday play that is learning and fun, stay tuned....
My review of Eebee's Adventures DVD's Series is coming in just a couple of days, and with it..a GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will win a copy of Eebee's Adventures, "All In A Day's Play" for ages 6 months and up!
Check out this segment of Eebee Baby with Parents darn cute!!

BRIDE WARS and Paper Shouts Giveaway! Win Big!

Have I got a sweet giveaway for you! 20th Century Fox, who is about to release, on DVD and Blu-Ray, the film BRIDE WARS, has partnered with
Paper Shouts to bring you a fabulous contest full of great style and great fun! With prizes and a super Grand Prize Mexican Vacation for Two!! Wow!
In opening, I'd like to tell you about the release of the movie, BRIDE WARS,which releases on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday, April 29th,!! This movie is a must-see for women of all ages!! Starring Kate Hudson (one of my fave actressess) and Anne Hathaway, this movie shows the true colors of 2 brides; so it's also a perfect movie for that bride-to-be in your life!! In case you're not familiar with BRIDE WARS, here's a quick synopsis:
Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway), best friends since childhood, are always there for each other, through good times and bad. They even become engaged to be married within a few hours of one another. Together they plan their respective weddings, each to take place at New York’s ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. But a clerical error and subsequent clash in wedding dates pits the two brides – neither of whom will step aside – against each other, in a competition that quickly escalates into all-out war.
We know that great movies such as BRIDE WARS, with such outstanding star actresses like Kate Hudson and Anne Hataway, can always influence great style! All Brides want everything to be absolutely perfect for their wedding, and I'm sure us married ladies have some lovely stories from our own weddings to show how our desire for the day to be nothing short of a living dream, might have made us not so friendly for a moment or two (or....ah...maybe..a week or two)?! We want it our way down to the wedding favors, table linens, flowers, music and the shower and wedding invitations!
And even better...20th Centry Fox with BRIDE WARS has partnered with Paper Shouts, The company with the Posh and Hip Custom Announcements, Invitations, and More! Paper Shouts has absolutely gorgeous custom birth announcements, party invitations, thank you notes, Baby Shower and Graduation announcements, name it they create it!!
Check out
Paper Shouts' large selection of Bridal Shouts!! Their large selection of styles that are either Traditional, Modern, or Vintage,unique designs,and exceptional, modern, up-to-date style make The only site you need to know about for announcing and celebrating YOUR biggest life moments!!
In fact, if you place an order by May 15, 2009, you can receive 15% off by entering the CODE "3boyz". Simply enter the CODE "3boyz" in the Promo Code Box at checkout, and hit "update" to Save 15% on your order! Save 15%! Sweet!


PART ONE (1): 20th Century Fox and Paper Shouts have partnered and are offering one very lucky Save Your Money Mama reader a copy of the brand new BRIDE WARS DVD, and...a $25 gift certificate code to !! PLUS, this very lucky winner will have the opportunity to win one of many FABULOUS GRAND PRIZES in PART TWO(2) of the giveaway!

PART TWO (2): Grand Prize Giveaway!!: The selected winner from Save Your Money Mama, as well as the selected winner from the other host blogs that are currently hosting this giveaway, will then be entered into the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY on!! ONLY EACH BLOG'S ONE WINNER WILL BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GRAND PRIZES!!

The GRAND PRIZES INCLUDE: movie memorabilia such as the sunglasses worn in the movie by Kate Hudson,and a movie one-sheet signed by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and MORE!


A FREE Mexican vacation: 6 nights at the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort and airfare for 2 on AirTran airlines!!! Whoo-Hoo!! A FREE Trip For Two!! Who would you Bring if You Win? do you get yourself entered? (Ends 5/9, 9pm PST)

For your first, mandatory entry: Post a comment below, letting me know which one of the BRIDE WARS main characters' style you think you could relate more to. Is it Emma's traditional, romantic style? it Liv's "couture", only the best will do approach to life?AND you MUST ALSO Visit, and check out their awesome Bridal Shouts! Then in your first entry comment, let me know which Bridal Shouts Card is your favorite! That's It! But make sure you do both of these for your entry to be valid!!

FOR EXTRA ENTRIES (Please leave an additional comment for each entry, so for 2 extra entries you leave 2 comments, etc) Do One or Do All...Get as Many Extra Entries as you can!!!

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Remember, if I have no way of contacting the winner...I will have to choose a new winner!! ENDS Friday, 5/9, AT 9:00PM Pacific Time.

Boring Rules: You must be 18 or older to enter, US only. My winner will be notified via email and via my blog on May 10, 2009.The lucky winner will have 72 hours to respond. If no response after 72 hours, I have the right to choose an alternate winner!Grand Prize winners will be notified by PaperShouts by May 31, 2009. Good Luck!! And make sure to follow all rules carefully please, any entries not following the rules will be invalid!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Design and Giveaways

Just wanted to let you know that my new blog design is being installed, so over the next few days if you come by things might look different and might be moved around:)
The good news is...I've been saving up the giveaways to wait until the new design is up and running:) The giveaways are going to post one a day when the design is finished! So far I've got:
  • Bride Wars DVD & $25 Paper Shouts Giveaway
  • Eebee Baby Learning DVD Review & Giveaway
  • The Good Home Cookbook Review & Giveaway
  • Your choice of any Fitness Watch..(awesome...more details to come)
  • Bratz Wii Game Giveaway
  • Kajeet Cell Phone For Kids Prize Pack Giveaway
  • Don't forget my current giveaway, win a Firefly Blinking Timer Toothbrush..5 winners!Enter Here, ends 5/3 I've also got a couple in the works, but I don't want to mention them until they are 100% official:) There should be about a week of giveaways, plus some amazing reviews, so stay tuned, follow, or subscribe so you don't miss any of the great giveaways or reviews!!

Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night; 4/29/09

Here in CA it has been H-O-T!! And Ice Cream is perfect when it's HOT outside...What's even better than a scoop of Baskin-Robbins creamy, delicious ice cream? How about a scoop of Baskin-Robbins ice cream for ONLY 31 Cents!! I can get all 3 of my kids ice cream for less than a dollar!
Mark your calenders...Next Wednesday, April 29th is Baskin-Robbins 3rd annual 31 Cent Scoop Night, from 5-10PM.
Even better...THIS year, Baskin-Robbins has partnered with the National Volunteer Fire Council, (NVFC), and will be donating $100,000 to the National Junior Firefighter Program! And firefighters are being invited to come and help scoop out the 31 cent scoops!!
Afraid you'll forget...I mean, let's be honest...a week from now I won't even remember this...right?! Well, never fear! You can sign up for an email or even TEXT reminder! For more info., or to sign up for a reminder, visit
Baskin-Robbins and check it out!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Firefly Toothbrush For Kids: Review & Giveaway (5 winners)

I'd bet my bottom dollar most kids don't brush their teeth as often or for as long as they should. My boys rush through it like it's a race and half of the time I have to send them back in to do it "for real this time". I guess when you're 2 or 7 your teeth is a boring chore you do because your parents expect it or make you do it!
It's also very important that your kids do brush properly, and for a sufficient length of time. I surely don't want to stand over them twice a day and count to one minute, and the last timer I placed in the bathroom ended up taking a bubble bath with my 2 year old...a few times...... until I realized it wasn't a bath toy afterall:) So..I tried having them sing "Happy Birthday" in their "minds" to count their brushing time and that worked once for maybe one of my kids, but never was successful again. So..needless to say, I was delighted to have the opportunity to review the Firefly Toothbrush by Dr. Fresh!! This is the perfect toothbrush for kids that helps them to develop proper oral care and keeps them brushing! All 3 of my kids were excited to brush their teeth! Even the 13 year old tried it out, although I think he's a bit old and needs a larger, stronger toothbrush;) But my 7 year old and my 2 year old have been brushing away with theirs!!
How Does The FireFly Toothbrush Help My Child Keep His or Her Teeth Healthy and Clean?
  • The Firefly, which comes in colors red (pictured), blue, green, pink, and clear, blinks brightly red for one minute, and then stops to let your child know they have brushed long enough! You start the flashing/blinking light by tapping the bottom of the toothbrush's handle! Easy enough that my 2 year old does his own now!
  • The firefly never needs any batteries, it comes ready to go! 3 months, the proper time to replace your child's toothbrush, the blinking will subside, reminding you to replace the old Firefly with a brand new sanitary one!
  • It makes brushing fun and exciting for your children! My 2 year old and 7 year old have been brushing their teeth without any reminders now! They especially love to turn out the bathroom light and watch the flashing, blinking lights while they brush!
  • The Firefly is EXTREMELY can buy one starting ONLY at 99 Cents! Yes, that's what I said! Save Your Money Mama!!, and do something that's fun and good for your kids! And that helps remind you to replace their toothbrush!

Dr. Fresh has given me an additional 5 Fireflys to give away to

5 lucky winners!

TO ENTER TO WIN: You MUST Visit Dr. Fresh and tell me your favorite product! AND please tell me if this toothbrush is for a boy, a girl, or either. I don't want to send a boy a pink one is all:) Please note: If this rule is not followed your entry(s) will be invalid.

Want Extra Entries? You may do any or all of the following. Please leave A NEW COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY!

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Boring Rules: Ends May 3rd, midnight PST. Must be 18 or older to enter. Prizes will only be sent to United States, sorry. Winners will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond. If not, I reserve the right to choose another winner. If a chosen winner has no contact info. available, I will immediately choose a new winner!

  • Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    CyberPatrol Review

    Just in case you don't already know, I have three boys, ages 13, 7 and 2. That transition from "tween" to TEEN seemed to go smoothly, but not entirely without problems. One of the issues that just keeps coming up between myself, my husband, and my 13 year old is the Internet and which websites are and are NOT acceptable. He wants a My Space because "all of his friends have one" and I say "Yeah Right Buddy!". He wants to post his picture on various sites and I say " several years ask me again!" I mean, I'm scared to let him just romp around the World Wide Web visiting any and everything he feels like checking out! I teach junior high, I spend my days with a roomful of kids his age, I know the kinds of things they come up with in those hormone infected little minds!! I don't want my son having freedom to roam the Internet..No way!

    But what about the great efficiency and convenience of the Internet? What about that ginormous Social Studies Project where he had to write like every single fact ever produced regarding whoever that guy was that he was researching? I sure didn't mind him on the Internet getting that done did I ?! And what about when he just wants to check out some cheat codes for his new video game, email a friend, or check out a new episode of his favorite show? Must I hover behind him and make sure that he isn't doing something he shouldn't? NO TIME FOR THAT! And don't even get me started on the fact that my 7 year old has become mighty computer literate in the last few months and has been working on some awesome learning websites? And did I mention he is going to be home schooled for the remainder of this year? Hello (that site is my lifeline at work and at home).

    Let's be realistic here...we all realize that our kids can benefit tremendously from safely using the Internet, but we also realize the dangers that come with it. We definitely don't have the time to monitor our child's every move, especially what can we do to protect our kids online? It's easy!

    CyberPatrol provides parents like us with a way to "patrol" our kids online, even when we can't be there. It stops online Predators, Cyber Bullies, Protects your Personal Information, and Blocks inappropriate or offensive websites!

    How does it work?

    Simply..You choose the level of protection...for each person.You decide what will be filtered and what will be blocked. You can easily block (by choosing yes or no), anything to do with porn, instant messaging, sexual nature, chat, drugs, alcohol, and gambling and adult content. And of course, you can block specific sites to be sure they're out of the picture! Beyond that, any sites not in one of the categories that you chose to block must get through a filter, or they're blocked.There are 4 different choices of Website Filtering Options:

    • Child this is the setting I customized for my 7 year old
    • Young Teen this is the setting I customized for my 13 year old
    • Mature Teen
    • Young Adult

    It's been very nice letting my 7 year old on the computer, and being able to feel safe leaving him alone and not hovering over him. I don't have to worry about him accidentally stumbling onto something horrific, or somehow finding something gross! And I love that my 13 year old can be online and I feel great about it... he may not like it but MAMA DOES!

    What else does CyberPatrol protect?

    You can easily block users from revealing any personal information such as their address, phone number, or social security number!

    How cool is that? So I know for SURE that my 13 year old can't possibly be giving out his number or address...because if he tried he'd get the CyberPatrol screen! You can even block certain words or phrases from being revealed! I love it! My son has been obsessed with South Park ever since an older cousin let him watch it AGAINST my will....and I actually caught him Googling "South Park Christmas Poo Special" Uh thank guess what mama blocked? Hee-Hee..

    And my favorite feature?

    With CyberPatrol, You can set a timer of how long your child can be online, Leaving your teen home alone while you do your grocery shopping and you know they have a load of homework they are supposed to be doing? No problem, block them from the Internet while you're gone. Going to bed and want you older teen to be off the computer and in bed by 10:30 and don't want to get up to check? Just set their timer so that at 10:30 they get booted off the Internet!!! They do get a warning so they can save or finish up what they are in the middle of, so don't worry! Want to ensure that your child is only online for a certain number of hours per day or week? Set their daily or weekly timer!

    And the last feature that makes this a must have for any family:

    CyberPatrol allows you to check on your child's online activity at any time, seeing when and how long they were on line, and all of the sites they visited, with a detailed report including when and how long ON EACH specific site! I love this feature, because this is how I caught my 13 year old trying to watch South Park episodes online. I also found out that he was on YouTube one day when he told me he was typing his report! Busted! He got grounded from the computer for a spell for lying to mama...but now that I have CyberPatrol....he knows it's hopeless! Even if I'm not home...I'm going to see what he's been up to!!!

    Where Can you get it?

    How much?

    You can easily purchase CyberPatrol online by visiting ...and it is incredibly affordable! You can protect up to 3 computers for only $39.99 per year! Larger packages, up to 25 PC's can be purchased for businesses or schools also! Go check it out...I'm thrilled to have it and it has made my life around here a whole lot easier! I feel like someone is watching over my son, making sure he's safe online!! And I can change and customize it to his needs as each child gets older and perhaps gains more freedom, OR, like in my case, LESS freedom online when you check out what they are REALLY doing online!!

    Wordless Wednesday...Hmm..Me Thinks I Need an Oatmeal Facial

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Decorating Easter Eggs

    Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope Easter 2009 is a wonderful day for you and your family!
    Did you decorate or dye Easter eggs this year?
    We used regular color dye tablets..but we also used sparkly egg paint so the 2 year old could paint! And boy did he love to paint! He took his time and concentrated and painted himself some eggs! Yes...he's shirtless...but when a 2 year old is using dye and sparkly paint...shirtless is the way to go! My 7 year old enjoyed using the "magic crayon" to write messages in the egg...and then dipping the eggs in dye!! He thinks it's sooo cool and magical! Even my 13 year old was able to drag himself away from his super cool teen social life to join in and do some egg dying....and some egg eating! And when they were all done....they were very pleased with their colorful, sparkly eggs....and yes MOM....I did put Bitty's (that's my 2 year old's nickname) shirt on after the paint and dye was gone! Did you take pictures of your egg decorating adventures this year? I'd love to see them!! Leave me a message with YOUR Easter pics and I promise I'll stop by and check them out! What are your Easter Sunday plans? We are heading to the Bay Area to visit my family and have our annual Egg hunt and delicious Easter dinner!

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Huge Blogoversary Bash at Dore's Diaries! Prizes Galore with 29 Big Winners!!

    Dore's Diaries is turning 1years old!!
    OK...Is it just me? Or is this another F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Giveaway Event?? If you aren't on EntreCard...don't worry..if you win EC can simply open your FREE account and have your credits sent to it, all in a matter of minutes. (If you have any questions regarding Entrecard...ask away!) So, scroll down and check out all of the prizes and amazing sponsors!!! And then get to entering (per instructions of course) by visiting Dore's Diaries and entering to win! Giveaway Part 1 - US RESIDENTS ONLY **First Place** ~Cosmedicine Healthy Face Regimen ($102 value)c/o Beauty Junkies Unite ~Your choice of Custom Blogspot 3 column Blog Design ($75 value) OR a Portrait Tile Pendant ($50 value) c/o Angela Vinez Design

    **Second Place** ~Microfiber Camisole and Thong Set ($60 value) c/o My Adea ~Choice of 1 of 4 shirts ($35 value) c/o Y2KbyGingham ~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon ($5.49 value) c/o Clorox

    **Third Place** ~Baby Basket w/ Lavender Chamomile Baby Lotion 8oz, Baby Fresh Whipped Body Butter 8 oz, Baby Bum Rub Ointment, and Chamomile Glycerine Baby Soap ($46.00 value) c/o Vital Earth Traditions ~Choice of 1 of 4 shirts ($35 value) c/o Y2KbyGingham ~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon ($5.49 value) c/o Clorox

    **Fourth Place** ~Savorings Serving Tray Gift Set c/o Pillsbury ~Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

    **Fifth Place** ~Savorings Wine Bag Gift Set c/o Pillsbury ~Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

    **Sixth Place** ~Pillsbury Home is Calling Gift Basket c/o Pillsbury ~Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

    **Seventh Place** ~Lure for Him and Lure for Her Gift Set ($38 value) c/o Eden Fantasys, an awesome place for Adult Toys

    **Eighth Place** ~"Gift of Beauty" ($35 value) c/o It's A Glam Thing

    **Ninth Place** ~$20 Gift Certificate c/o Vital Earth Traditions

    **Tenth Place** ~8 oz. Soy Candle ($15.75 value) c/o Lorain's Touch ~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

    **Eleventh Place** ~Spinlash ($15 value) c/o Spinlash ~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

    **Twelfth Place** ~Bitch Balance Butter ($9 value) c/o Vital Earth Traditions ~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

    **Thirteenth Place** ~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon ($5.49 value) c/o Clorox ~2 oz. Soy Candle ($3.25 value) c/o Lorain's Touch

    **Fourteenth Place** ~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon ($5.49 value) c/o Clorox ~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

    **Fifteenth Place** ~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon ($5.49 value) c/o Clorox Giveaway Part 2 - OPEN TO EVERYONE!

    **First Place** ~Custom Banner ($149 value) c/o ~5,000 EC credits c/o

    **Second Place** ~Professional Logo ($99 value) c/o ~2,000 EC credits c/o Random Detoxification ~2,000 EC credits c/o Freaky Frugalite

    **Third Place** ~10,000 EC credits c/o Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 ~1,000 EC credits c/o A Grateful Heart ~The All-New DIL Rules eBook ($14.95 value) c/o Sally Shields *

    *Fourth Place** ~2,000 EC credits c/o Seek No More ~1,500 EC credits c/o PolitEkon ~1,500 EC credits c/o Nesting Buddy ~By the Book: How to Take Care of MY Kids eBook ($9.95 value) c/o Karmel Publishing

    **Fifth Place** ~2,000 EC credits c/o Windmill on the Hill ~1,500 EC credits c/o Things About Computer

    **Sixth Place** ~1,500 EC credits c/o A Simple Life ~1,500 EC credits c/o Mature Not Senile ~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3 c/o Better Interpersonal Communication

    **Seventh Place** ~2,000 EC credits c/o Moms... check nyo ~500 EC credits c/o Legal Cat-asthrope ~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3 c/o Dore's Diaries

    **Eight Place** ~1,000 EC credits c/o Indo Contest ~500 EC credits c/o Affiliatizer ~500 EC credits c/o Rapid Shoots ~500 EC credits c/o Scandals Prime dot COM ~250 EC credits c/o Stay at Home Mom ~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3 c/o Symphony of Love

    **Ninth Place** ~2000 EC credits c/o DB Comix ~500 EC credits c/o AllBlogContest ~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR2 c/o Free Famous Quotes

    **Tenth Place** ~1500 EC credits c/o Mommy's Little Corner ~500 EC credits c/o My Kids Are My World ~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR2 c/o Gift Reviews

    **Eleventh Place** ~1000 EC credits c/o East Coast Life ~500 EC credits c/o Vanilla Seven ~200 EC credits c/o Margie and Edna's Basement ~1 month 125 x 125 ad space on PR2 c/o Blog Friendly PR

    **Twelfth Place** ~1000 EC credits c/o Life's a Pizza Pie ~500 EC credits c/o Make Every Day Your Lucky Day

    **Thirteenth Place** ~1024 EC credits c/o The Matthias Chronicles

    **Fourteenth Place** ~250 EC credits c/o Pregnant with Cancer ~250 EC credits c/o Nothing Off Limits

    Never Fear....EcoMan Is Here!!

    Now, there sure is tons of emphasis and pressure out there to become more and more GREEN. It used to be more than mildly commendable that I put plastic forks and spoons through the dishwasher and reuse them instead of wasting them and throwing them right into the trash!...Nowadays...not so much. With so many new and amazing all-natural, eco-friendly, and GREEN products and companies available, there is no excuse not to reduce that carbon footprint!
    And with Earth Day right around the corner..everyone wants to do something, no matter how big or small, towards...becoming Eco-Friendly, or Green.

    So on your quest to become all nice and just might need some expert advice or help. But WHO can you call with questions about this?

    Ecostore, the company behind it all, is here to save the day! (remember my review & giveaway of their amazing eco-friendly household/baby/body products? See it here ) They know you have questions, and they have answers. And they're offering free shipping on all orders $25 and over in the entire month of April!

    Great! But......what about all of my questions? What does it really mean to "Go Green"?

    Never fear.....EcoMan is here.....seriously.....well, he's not here..but he IS going to be at the following Meijer Stores, ready to answer your every burning question! And EcoMan is not just any superhero....he is an internationally renowned educator and authority on all things green...and the founder of EcoStore New Zealand!

    AND...the first 25 Moms or Dads that ask EcoMan a question at each event will receive a FREE organic EcoStore T-Shirt! There's even entertainment for the kids to keep them busy while you talk to EcoMan! Dang West Coast... NO MEIJERS....

    • 4/13 Chicago - McHenry (5-7 PM)
    • 4/18 Detroit - Wixom (5-7 PM)
    • 4/20 Fort Wayne - Illinois Road (5-7 PM)
    • 4/21 Indianapolis - Carmel (5-7 PM)
    • 4/22 Cincinnati - Harrison Road (4-6 PM)
    • 4/23 Grand Rapids - Cascade (2-4 PM)

    Is there an event in your area?