Monday, April 27, 2009

CheckAppointments.Com-Free Online Appointment Setting Software!

You know I love Freebies, and this is a Freebie that helps individuals AND small businesses get and stay organized and more efficient! is a 100% always free online appointment scheduling website! This is perfect for individuals and small businesses that want to be efficient, organized and successful! has several key features that makes it so amazing!'s FREE!

Manage Your Appointments and Verify Customers' Addresses! allows you schedule and manage your clients' appointments. You can set up the appointments and this application will send them a confirmation email and even a reminder email one day before the scheduled appointment! Not only does allow you to verify customer or appointmentees ( own new word;) addresses, but you are also provided with a list of alternative addresses and even a map of the location!

View All Upcoming Appointments and Manage Your Clients!

You can view ALL of your upcoming appointments as you log in, and you can filter them by location and professional! allows you to add your clients into the system for easy look up and to keep a record of all of your appointments/visits with that particular client!

Have Multiple Staff Members/Users? No Problem!

This service supports multiple staff members with multiple log ins, even in multiple locations! You can manage all of these in one place, on your computer screen!

Is it Easy to Use and Easy to Work? is SO easy to use! It does NOT require any special equipment, all you need is a computer with Internet Connection! And it's accessible from ANY computer ANYwhere! And you do not have to download OR install anything ever! They even have awesome customer support in case you have any questions or concerns!
So What Did Mama Think About It?
Although I don't have my own small business officially, I do run my blog and host reviews and giveaways, which does require a great deal of organization and efficiency to happen! I decided to create an account to keep track of my reviews, giveaways, and advertising, as well as other appointments such as doctors, lawyers, work meetings, kids' activities, etc. So I logged on to , created an account, added some information, and was ready to go! I've entered new contacts and information as they've come, and created a calender, of my scheduled reviews and giveaways, and even some other scheduled informational posts I have planned! And's FREE!
My Favorite, Most Useful Features!
  • For starters, creating an account and adding my information on was SIMPLE and QUICK! It didn't take long, and the website was fast and efficient! I didn't have to download or install anything at all!
  • Once I created my account and entered my information on, (as much or as little as I wanted), my very own website was created, complete with my logo, staff members and information, business practices, and location ready for business:) Although I didn't add in a physical address for my page, if I had...a map to the location would also be displayed on my page! How amazing would that be for small businesses!

I also really appreciate the simple, yet attractive design of! They aren't bogged down with details and hard to navigate like other FREE applications. There also isn't any annoying pop-ups or ads on the site to send you packin'. It is clean, simple, effective, and a must-have service for any small business owner or even mommy blogger:)

So you definitely want to pass this on to any small business owner that you know, and try it out for yourself to keep appointments for your blog! If you're still not sure, just visit and check it out a bit. If you're not yet sure that you want to create an account, you can view a live demo first by clicking here!


Beth said...

How neat! My husband and father in law own a small business and this is perfect for them.

1stopmom said...

This sounds like it would be very useful. Thank you :)

David et Jessica said...

i would recommend

Anonymous said...

I think this template, is simply super....... easy to download

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appointment setting said...

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roggernrogger said...

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Harmonic Symphony said...

As of 02/13/14 this appointment setter website is not free. it is 20/mo and up. :(

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Appointment scheduling software can save businesses time and money - it's a great tool! is a good site to check out. They have a paid package and the system is quite easy to use.