Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to everyone!! I hope Easter 2009 is a wonderful day for you and your family!
Did you decorate or dye Easter eggs this year?
We used regular color dye tablets..but we also used sparkly egg paint so the 2 year old could paint! And boy did he love to paint! He took his time and concentrated and painted himself some eggs! Yes...he's shirtless...but when a 2 year old is using dye and sparkly paint...shirtless is the way to go! My 7 year old enjoyed using the "magic crayon" to write messages in the egg...and then dipping the eggs in dye!! He thinks it's sooo cool and magical! Even my 13 year old was able to drag himself away from his super cool teen social life to join in and do some egg dying....and some egg eating! And when they were all done....they were very pleased with their colorful, sparkly eggs....and yes MOM....I did put Bitty's (that's my 2 year old's nickname) shirt on after the paint and dye was gone! Did you take pictures of your egg decorating adventures this year? I'd love to see them!! Leave me a message with YOUR Easter pics and I promise I'll stop by and check them out! What are your Easter Sunday plans? We are heading to the Bay Area to visit my family and have our annual Egg hunt and delicious Easter dinner!

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Rae Ann said...

How fun! We did a sparkly egg thing where you dye the eggs then apply glue and rub foil on them. They turned out pretty well once we figured out which side of the foil was supposed to go on the egg!