Saturday, April 25, 2009

Eebee Baby

I love Eebee Baby! Ever since the first time he saw Eebee Baby, my son drops everything and just watches! It's like he thinks Eebee Baby is just for him! And the games that Eebee Baby plays help parents learn fun, simple, and educational games to play with their own baby! Games that inspire and connect parents with their babies and children! Now that my son is older, he enjoys watching Eebee Baby, learn and use objects in play! He mimics what Eebee Baby does and loves for me to clap "Yeah!!" when he's done! I've picked up some wonderful ideas from watching Eebee's Adventures, that have helped me turn playtime into fun learning time too! If you like Eebee and would like to see how Eebee Baby can help you and your child engage in everyday play that is learning and fun, stay tuned....
My review of Eebee's Adventures DVD's Series is coming in just a couple of days, and with it..a GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will win a copy of Eebee's Adventures, "All In A Day's Play" for ages 6 months and up!
Check out this segment of Eebee Baby with Parents darn cute!!


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