Friday, April 10, 2009

Hip Hop Baby! Review

I am very pleased to bring you a review of a hot new DVD for kids ages
2-6. It's Hip Hop Baby! video series is all about having fun and learning at the same time! With fun, upbeat hip hop style music, It's Hip Hop Baby!, teaches your toddler or preschooler key developmental concepts while it also gets them movin' and groovin' to the rhythm and beat! The child- friendly dance routines not only get your child moving, but they also help them to develop skills to listen effectively and follow directions!
My 27 month old son was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review one of the DVDs, Get Healthy Get Fit, from the hot, new It's Hip Hop Baby DVD Series. Right away, I could tell that this was different than other videos geared for toddlers and/or preschool age children. It started off with a scene with Hip Hop Simon, the puppet, and colorful, bright backdrops with colorful balloons all around! My son immediately yelled "Bawooons.....Bawooons!!" which got his attention like nobody's business. The various backgrounds were engaging and stimulating, keeping his attention, which I can assure you is not easy to do! With the puppets, colors, kids, and balloons, and even some beautiful outdoor scenes...there was so much for him to see!
But wait a minute.....this DVD has much more than cool things to brings cool things to DO, right in your living room! And not just cool things to DO, but cool things to do that also help your kids learn! With fun hip hop beats, your child will learn the important of exercise, and even join in some kid inspired exercise routines with Ms. Dre, how to wash your hands and brush your teeth with Hip Hop Simon, and even how to listen to directions! All with a fun, upbeat hip hop style and a diverse group of kids jumping and dancing to keep even the busiest toddler engaged!
But there is still more....of course, it's worthwhile for our kids to learn hand washing and other manners...but when I call something needs to at least be included in, or in preparation of State or Federal Content Standards. This video series has that covered! Kids will learn their ABC's in a fun new way...I mean...can you believe that the traditional ABC song hasn't been replaced yet? Hopefully this will do the trick! There is also number counting, letter recognition, color and body parts identification, and animal facts. You even take a trip to Brookfield Zoo to meet a zookeeper and learn tons about a special Eagle! Yes, I'm a public school teacher, with a Masters in Education, and yes...I feel credentialed and experienced enough to tell you from a professional point of view, It's Hip Hop Baby!will help your child learn and also provide them with learning tools. As a mommy, I like the positive messages it spreads, and that it gets my son moving rather than sitting. They even got an award:

It's Hip Hop Baby DVD Series includes the following DVD Videos:

  1. All Your Child's Favorites DVD
  2. Get Healthy Get Fit! (Reviewed above) DVD
  3. Things We Do Everyday DVD
  4. Rockin' Dance Party DVD

You can preview songs and videos of the various DVDs in the series by clicking here or on Amazon here

TO BUY: You can buy one or all of the DVDs in the series for ONLY $7.99 on a great deal! I definitely recommend at least going and checking out the product videos on Amazon...I think you'll like what you see!

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