Saturday, April 11, 2009

Never Fear....EcoMan Is Here!!

Now, there sure is tons of emphasis and pressure out there to become more and more GREEN. It used to be more than mildly commendable that I put plastic forks and spoons through the dishwasher and reuse them instead of wasting them and throwing them right into the trash!...Nowadays...not so much. With so many new and amazing all-natural, eco-friendly, and GREEN products and companies available, there is no excuse not to reduce that carbon footprint!
And with Earth Day right around the corner..everyone wants to do something, no matter how big or small, towards...becoming Eco-Friendly, or Green.

So on your quest to become all nice and just might need some expert advice or help. But WHO can you call with questions about this?

Ecostore, the company behind it all, is here to save the day! (remember my review & giveaway of their amazing eco-friendly household/baby/body products? See it here ) They know you have questions, and they have answers. And they're offering free shipping on all orders $25 and over in the entire month of April!

Great! But......what about all of my questions? What does it really mean to "Go Green"?

Never fear.....EcoMan is here.....seriously.....well, he's not here..but he IS going to be at the following Meijer Stores, ready to answer your every burning question! And EcoMan is not just any superhero....he is an internationally renowned educator and authority on all things green...and the founder of EcoStore New Zealand!

AND...the first 25 Moms or Dads that ask EcoMan a question at each event will receive a FREE organic EcoStore T-Shirt! There's even entertainment for the kids to keep them busy while you talk to EcoMan! Dang West Coast... NO MEIJERS....

  • 4/13 Chicago - McHenry (5-7 PM)
  • 4/18 Detroit - Wixom (5-7 PM)
  • 4/20 Fort Wayne - Illinois Road (5-7 PM)
  • 4/21 Indianapolis - Carmel (5-7 PM)
  • 4/22 Cincinnati - Harrison Road (4-6 PM)
  • 4/23 Grand Rapids - Cascade (2-4 PM)

Is there an event in your area?

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LittlePeopleWealth said...

Hilarious post :) I don't have a Meijer either, but I linked back to you in case some of my readers do :)