Sunday, May 3, 2009 Perfect Mother's Day Gift for Mom or for Yourself!

I was fortunate enough to have the delicious opportunity to review my own customized granola from! And from start to finish I had a perfect experience!
It's one thing to get to try out a food that you love, as I do love granola, but there's something different about You get to be a part of choosing and mixing the ingredients that go into your very own customized, 100% recyclable CONTAINER. This was so much fun too! My kids got involved and helped me pick out ingredients, and it made them feel special to see what they chose arrive exactly as they (and I) had requested! So Cool!

So how do you customize your very own organic and all-natural granola mix ?! It's SO Easy! The only difficult part is deciding which mouth watering ingredients to put in your mix!

  • Once you visit, you start off by choosing your granola base. You can choose between organic granola, French Vanilla Granola, 100% Organic Muesli, or Low-Fat Granola!
  • You will immediately see a box on the right side of the screen, customized for your 16 ounce mix! You see the price AND nutrition calculator for your mix that updates EACH time you add or delete a new ingredient! So, you even customize the price and the nutritional components! Once you've chosen your base, it's time to choose which Fruits you would like mixed into your granola! This is a tough decision, let me tell you and I found myself entirely unable to decide on any one or two.

  • Whether you choose their hand picked dried strawberries, dried raspberries, organic banana chips glazed with honey, fresh dried blueberries, goji berries, or one of the other amazingly good for you choices, you can rest assured that the fruits you mix into your customized granola will be fresh and of the best quality! What an easy way to get your fruit servings in living a hectic, busy mama life!
    Next it's time to choose any Nuts and Seeds that you want! Remember, it's YOUR WAY, so if you do not want nuts or seeds, don't add them! With choices like pistachios, organic soy beans and organic flax seeds, this is another wonderful and appetizing way to get your nutrition! Some of these ingredients are packed full of healthy life saving Omega-3's and antioxidants!
  • Your next step is to choose any Extras you want to add! With choices like mini yogurt pretzels, Organic coconut shreds and peanut butter bites, there's something to tempt everyone in the family's taste buds!
  • So...want to know what we added into our very own customized granola? We started off with the French Vanilla base, added dried strawberries, cashews (mama's favorite), yogurt covered pretzels (my 7 year old son's favorite treat) and Peanut M&M's (my 13 year olds favorite) ....YUM!

And before I knew it my was delivered! This was super fast! I was extremely impressed with the speedy delivery, and the fact that it comes in a 100% recyclable container makes it even better! And they emailed me each step of the way, to let me know that they mixed it and that they mailed it! And only 3 days after I mixed it I was eating it! I whole entire family was eating it! I would never take it to work so my family couldn't eat the rest of it!!! Oh, no...never:) That would be selfish;)

I was also very impressed by the fact that the package was labeled with all of the nutrition facts and information to match my customized granola! Ingenious! It says it was packed with love.....and I got to tell you.....I believe it!! Superior customer service, speedy delivery, eco-friendly packaging, and all natural ingredients that I chose myself...what more could a busy working mama on the go ask for?

You know I'm keeping a container in my desk at work...just for me! It's the perfect healthy snack to keep handy for grab and go energy! And it's delicious with milk as a breakfast cereal, or in yogurt or pudding! And what about that last minute Mother's Day gift for Grandma, Mom, Auntie or Sis? You can quickly and easily visit, purchase a gift certificate, and have a gift certificate code emailed to the lucky lady! She can hop online and choose her very own ingredients and have them mailed right to her! Or, if you'd rather customize and purchase a mix as a gift and have it delivered, it's super fast, they even have pre-mixed packages if you're not sure what to add! And the best's affordable! They have lots of deals and specials going on all the time too! It makes a fun and thoughtful gift for anyone and any occasion!

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    Leslie M. said...

    GREAT Review!! I am so wanting to try
    I am such a tree hugger granola lover nature lover don't touch my cereal lover kinda girl!!!
    Thanks for a GREAT REVIEW and now I want some!!hahhaha