Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Make Some Christmas Cash Online

With Christmas fast approaching, like most moms I could sure use some extra Christmas Cash! I've taken online surveys here and there, but there is one survey site that I have to share! Check out LightSpeed Panel Research if you haven't already! I spent about 2 hours and cashed in $20 paypal already! Sweet! They send a large amount of survey invitations and I found it fast and easy to reach the $20 payout amount! You can payout at only $5 if you want too!
A second survey site I wanted to share is sponsered by Nickolodean, and I've earned about $15 so far for only an hour or two of work. Check out Nickolodeon's Panel Polls and click in the top right corner to check if they are accepting new parents in your area! (Must be a parent of a child under 18) They send out fun survey invitations regarding Nickelodeon TV or toys!
There are many more survey sites out there, but these are 2 I recommend if you want to make some quick Christmas cash and don't want to spend an entire day answering redundant surveys! These are fun and worth it! Plus, FREE Christmas can't beat that!


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