Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Swagbucks! FREE stuff for searching the web!

Today is Swagbucks 2nd Birthday! Happy B-day!
What does that mean? It means, that there has been some changes to Swagbucks and now, if you haven't logged in, log in and check it out for yourself! I won't spoil the fun for you...log in!!!

Haven't yet joined Swagbucks? Today's the perfect day! When you join Swagbucks, you will immediately begin earning digital dollars for searching the web (which you most likely already do several times a day), completing optional offers if you choose, shopping, etc. They also release FREE codes you can input for digital dollars (Swagbucks). I started earning $5 Amazon gift cards at least twice a month, just for doing Internet searches through

You then cash in your Swagbucks for Starbucks gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards, JCPenney gift cards, Itunes gift cards, and many many more!

If you haven't joined I highly recommend it, you have nothing to lose but FREE STUFF to gain!


Katie said...

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Happy Friday ;)

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OutnumberedMama said...

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Cakeblast said...

I'm a new follower from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend :)

I use swagbucks, but don't care for the new system where they added an extra zero to the number of bucks I have earned - still, free stuff is great and you blog about A LOT of great deals :)

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