Friday, March 26, 2010

Earn Cash and Prizes for Doing What You Already Do: Search The Web!

I wanted to make sure that all of  my new followers have heard about Joining Swagbucks and if you have already heard about it, if you haven't joined yet......what are you waiting for?

Swagbucks is totally FREE and takes only a minute to join. Once you join you will immediately begin earning Swagbucks (digital dollars) which you can later cash in for awesome prizes like Amazon Gift Cards, IPod's, Starbucks Gift Cards and even CASH (via paypal). I just cashed mine in again for $15 in my Paypal! Sweet!

You earn Swagbucks simply by using to do your usual Internet searches rather than your old search engine. There are other ways to earn Swagbucks as well, although I earn mine pretty much solely from searching the web and referring others. From Internet searches alone I am able to cash in at least $5-$20 in Amazon Gift Cards each month!

JOIN SWAGBUCKS TODAY AND YOU WILL GET 30 free SWAGBUCKS TO START YOU OUT! Teens 13 and older can join too! My son LOVES it and has already gotten several FREE Amazon Gift Cards for his own Internet Searches! He's even gotten some of his friends into it too and they love it too!

You've got nothing to lose and only FREE stuff to gain!

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