Saturday, March 20, 2010

Growing Tree Toys, Blast Pad Toy! Perfect for Outdoor Fun!

Growing Tree Toys is a unique and inspiring speciality toy store with imaginitive toys for kids that parents will love too! They offer a huge selection of Educational Toys that challenge and motivate children to express their creativity and imagination and to engage in active play!

 That makes Mom happy because it seems that most toys or gadgets that kids use these days are quite unimaginative and inactive.  Video games, cell phones, texting, Im'ing....the list is endless....It's refreshing to see a toy store that specializes in Educational Toys that inspire creativity, imagination, and PLAY!! As a teacher I know how important that is to having successful and happy kids!

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review one of Growing Tree Toys  products that is perfect for upcoming Spring and Summer:

The Blast Pad is an outdoor rocket toy for children, and with 3 boys I knew it would be a perfect match for us! The Blast Pad features a flex launch tube, vertical launch pattern and 3 missiles. I love how it folds up neatly and compactly without taking up much space at all! The three yellow missiles are stored inside and it has a carrying handle! It's very light, my 8 year old carried it from the car to the park and my 3 year old carried it all around too!
When you're ready to launch, The Blast Pad's launch tube extends upwards nearly 3 feet, and you place one of the three missiles atop it. The black launch pad extends out to the side. Once you jump on the  launch pad, your jump forces air through the extended launch tube and sends the missile shooting into the air! It goes way higher than I expected! Get ready for instant OOhs and AAhs!

It goes amazingly high and my boys enjoyed running to get the missile after it was shot into the air. It's bright yellow color makes it easy to track and it falls very near where you launched it.  It is extremely safe, and if any boys should, uh, shoot the missile at their little brother's face at an extremely close distance, uh, it wouldn't even hurt! (Of course my darling boys would never do that!) You should choose a clear space to "launch", we went to an area of a local park that didn't have many trees. My boys adored this toy, from the 3 year old to the 14 year old and I'd be lying if I said my husband and I didn't enjoy it ourselves! It's going to come along with us this Spring and Summer whenever we are outdoors! We had about 11 kids we don't even know who were also at that park crowding around and wanting to try it for themselves! So watch out! You might become quite popular very quickly with the Blast Pad around! It's a perfect family toy that makes outdoor time fun!

You Can Purchase The Blast Pad Here for $27.99. Shipping is FREE with a $75 or more purchase! I definitely recommend checking out the Educational Toys at Growing Tree Toys!  They have some unique things that I've never seen anywhere else! They have some great prices, daily discounted deals and Easter goodies too! I'm so appreciative that I had the chance to review this toy, it isn't often that I find something fun and active that my whole family can enjoy together! Having a 14, 8 and 3 year old....there aren't many things that they all enjoy PLUS Mom and Dad like too! The Blast Pad saved the day in the name of family fun! We're planning on heading out to the park again tomorrow to celebrate Spring, and the Blast Pad is going to be the main attraction!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this review, however I did receive a Blast Pad from Growing Tree Toys for review. I posted my real, honest opinion of the Blast Pad Toy and Growing Tree Toys! Thanks Growing Tree Toys the Blast Pad is a Blast!!

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