Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kmart Double Coupon Week Coming Up!

OK...Get your coupons ready! Kmart is planning to have a Double Coupons Week  4/4-4/10 where you can double coupons up to $2 off in value! That means a $1 off coupons becomes $2 off, and a $2 coupon becomes a $4 off coupon! Whoo Hoo!

 You can double up to 5 coupons per person per day. So my son could use 5, myself and maybe Hubby has to come along and use 5 himself (he HATES using coupons but Oh Well)

This is an awesome way to get many things for free or nearly free! Stock up time!

3 of the Kmart stores in my town are participating! There are so many participating stores! It seems like almost all Kmarts are participating but check to be safe! Check to see if your local Kmart is participating By Checking This List.

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