Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 FREE CFL Lightbulbs for Every Home in The US! Hurry! Supplies Are Limited!

Right now, you can Sign up for Energy Efficient Now to Receive 2 FREE CFL Lightbulbs to replace 2 regular lightbulbs in your home! Shipping is FREE as well! Supplies are limited and I imagine they will run out soon!

One request per household and must have at least 2 regular bulbs in your home you could replace with the FREE CFL bulbs. This offer is only for those in the US, but the website does say that they are working on offering the FREE CFL Bulbs to Canada soon and eventually even more countries!

Thanks, Coupon Geek!


flmom said...

Great deal! Following you from Pitch It To Me.

Sue said...

We had this here in Canada. It was an exchange basis. We brought in our old bulbs and they gave us the new ones! IT was great. Nice blog!

nejam uddin said...

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