Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Mega SwagBucks Day!

Every Friday is Mega SwagBucks Day! That means you have more chances to win larger Swagbucks! It's not a guarantee of course, but I will say that I usually score at least twice the amount of SwagBucks on Fridays!

Unfamiliar with SwagBucks? No's a site that you can use to perform your regular Internet searches, and each time you search the web, you have the chance to win SwagBucks! You save up your Swagbucks to cash in for prizes like Cash in your Paypal, Amazon Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, IPod's and much much more!

Anyone 13 or older can Join Swagbucks, my 14 year old son loves it and has already earned quite a bit of Amazon gift Cards! I recently cashed mine in for $15 into my Paypal, and not even a month later I'm  ready to do it again!

So...want FREE stuff? Then Join Swagbucks Today! They'll start you out with 30 FREE bucks! You have nothing to lose, just FREE stuff to gain!

Anyone won big lately? I'd love to hear about it!!!

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