Thursday, April 15, 2010

To See or Not To See: New Glasses

I've been blind as a bat since I was in third grade, and if it weren't for modern technologies in optometry my eyeglasses would have to be so thick my nose could never support them! It's that time again, time to get some new glasses!
 In previous years, purchasing new prescription glasses was a huge pain! Not to mention the high prices at the eye doctor's office. Last year, I discovered the art of shopping for my glasses online! I've been doing just that and my favorite part is "trying them on" online!
So I've been looking around at some online eyewear sites, and I found this pair at GlassesUSA! Aren't they super cute! I think they'd be the perfect pair of glasses for casual days or for days when I need to dress it up!

So not only is the whole process so much easier when I can shop for my glasses online (I mean, who wants to drag little kids around to shop for glasses?), but purchasing them online is cheaper too! There are many online stores that offer discount eyeglasses at amazing prices and the best part is the quality is the same! So the next time you need new glasses, remember that shopping online is an option that can save you time and money! It's simple, fast, economical, and just another way to Save Your Money Mama!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post!!! I was compensated for this writing piece!

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