Sunday, May 2, 2010

50 Days of FREE Disney Music Downloads! Starts May 3rd!

Beginning on May 3, 2010, Disney will launch 50 Days of Disney Music during which a different Disney song will be available each day for download for free. That’s 50 free Disney songs over 50 days. What a great way to build up your son or daughter's music files FOR FREE! And you don't have to worry about content because it's Disney!

Free songs will be from Disney movies and television shows and will include tracks from:


•“Beauty and the Beast”

•“Toy Story”


•“Monsters, Inc”

•“The Incredibles”

•“Hannah Montana”

•“High School Musical”

•“Camp Rock”

•and more.

To download the music, you’ll need to "Like" Disney Music on Facebook,   or, Follow Disney Music on Twitter, or text “Disney” to 66937 (Standard Test Messaging Fees may apply


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