Sunday, May 2, 2010

Entenmann's Ultimate Bagged Coffee Review!

Everyone knows Entenmann's bakery goods like their coffee cake and their muffins. They've been around since the late 1800's! I grew up with Entenmann's, and my grandma always had an Entenmann's coffee cake on the counter for unexpected guests, and grandkids of course!

But did you know that Entenmann's now also make Coffee? Smart idea because Entenmann's pastries always have gone perfect with a nice, hot cup of coffee! It's a perfect duo!

For over a century, Entenmann’s has been the market leader and innovator in fresh, sweet baked goods delivered daily to supermarkets and grocery chains nationwide. Today, the same commitment extends to Entenmann’s 100% Arabica coffees. Made from only superior quality Arabica beans, Entenmann’s flavored and non-flavored coffees capture the taste and aroma of Entenmann’s baked products. Entenmann’s coffee is the perfect complement to Entenmann’s baked products or can be enjoyed on their own any time of day.

They offer Entenmann's Ultimate Bagged Coffees in various flavors such as Ultimate Vanilla Bean Blend, Ultimate Cinnamon Crumb Cake, and Ultimate Hazelnut Coffee Cake Blend! They do offer Decaf Blend for those of you that prefer it (although I can't figure out why anyone prefers it without the caffeine?).

I was able to sample the Ultimate Hazelnut Blend and the Ultimate Vanilla Bean Blend and all I can say is...YUM! Before I even tasted it the whole delicious smell spread throughout the house and it smelled divine! This coffee is smooth and rich and...Ultimate just as the name says! The Hazelnut Blend was my personal favorite. They also make Entenmann's Canned Coffee in Coffee Shop Flavors.

All I can say is that now that I've tried Entenmann's Coffee, My usual Yuban isn't lookin' so good... And you can purchase the bagged coffees for only about $7.99 per 12oz. bag! The canned coffee sells for around $4.99 for a 11.5 oz. can or $9.99 for a 39.5 oz. can!

Disclosure: I received samples of Entenmann's ultimate bagged coffee to taste and review. All opinions stated are my own.  I found this review opportunity at the awesome place for review bloggers, The Product Review Place.


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