Sunday, May 9, 2010

Silk PureAlmond & EcoSMART Winners!

So I have winners from two giveaways to announce today! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

My Silk PureAlmond Giveaway concluded and there are 3 winners. I used to get one winner first, which is the first place winner who will receive the Silk ChicoBag with their Silk PureAlmond! The first place winner is: Comment #117, by @Purango! Congrats I will be emailing you!

The next 2 winners, who will receive Silk PureAlmond (via FREE Product Coupon): Comment #64, by @Charlene and Comment #57, by @CherylF.{The Lucky Ladybug}! Congrats! I will be emailing you both shortly!

My EcoSMART Safe, Organic Home & Garden Pest Control Giveaway has also concluded! I just want to add that even since I wrote the review, I've used my EcoSMART products many times and I absolutely love them! They smell great and I know they are safe and organic! And they work just as good as the stinky, poisonous stuff!

The lucky winner of their  choice of product bundles from EcoSMART is: Comment #58 by, @aledol! Congrats! You will be receiving an email shortly!

Congrats to all my winners! Now that a round of giveaways is ending, I'm about to post several new giveaways! Make sure you subscribe or follow if you haven't already so you don't miss the giveaways that are coming! And don't forget to enter my Eco-Friendly EasyLunchboxes Giveaway! (ends 5/16) One winner will win an EasyLunchBoxes System in their choice of color!


A Happy Hippy Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

*Thanks so much* Save Your Money Mama and Silk! I look forward to trying Pure Almond milk :) Happy Mother's Day!!

nejam uddin said...

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Pest Control Medford said...

oh my! i missed out on this!