Friday, April 16, 2010

ON THE CUFF: The Amazing Product Every Mom Needs at Home!

When I first discovered ON THE CUFF, I knew I had to try it! A unique, low cost, practical product developed to stop water from running down your arms while washing your face, doing dishes, and a variety of other household tasks! Hate having water running down your arm, dripping to the floor when you wash your face at the sink? Then ON THE CUFF was created for you!

 Every night without fail, when I lean over the sink to wash my face, I have to strip down to my bra otherwise my pajamas end up completely soaked! Not to mention how water spreads all over the counter and even pools onto the floor. Any objects within striking distance usually get wet too and it annoys me to no end! I've even been so exhausted some nights that I crawl into bed without washing my face because I don't want to have to deal with getting soaking wet when I'm dead dog tired. Not anymore!

Take a look at this video to see just how ON THE CUFF works and how many uses there are for it:

I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of ON THE CUFF to review, and I couldn't wait to wash my face that night to see if they really worked! They arrived in a cute mesh bag and felt very soft. They slipped on with ease and I could hardly feel them on my wrists, they were that comfortable.

I washed my face at the sink like I normally do and to my satisfaction.....I stayed completely dry! No water ran down my arms, the counter stayed dry and not a drop of water found the floor! My husband was pretty impressed and I have to agree! They're great for men too and are one size fits all! My husband immediately decided he needs them for washing the car! They're perfect for washing autos, boats and outdoor furniture or equipment too! And ON THE CUFF is the perfect solution for messy household cleaning jobs! Hate getting the front of your shirt wet when your'e doing dishes and washing up at the kitchen sink? What about the yucky water running down your arms when you're scrubbing the shower tiles? On The Cuff solves all of those wet, messy, day after day irritations and more!

And they were made to be used over and over again! They don't rip or tear and if they get dirty you can wash them out with soap and water!  I found that mine dried extremely quickly after use, I just laid them on the counter to dry and then placed them back into the mesh pouch, but you can also order an ON THE CUFF Drying Stand for only $5.99 if you want to have something nice and convenient to dry and store them.

And the best part is that they are extremely affordable! You can order them online Right Here, they ship to the United States and Canada! You can buy a pair for ONLY $7.99! And they come with your choice of a teal or white mesh bag! That is a small price for the large problem that they solve! You can also buy a bundle of 4 pairs plus the custom made drying stand for only $24.99!  You can also purchase ON THE CUFF in-store at retailers in Tennessee and Texas. Click Here to See a List of Retailers.

I think they would make a useful yet delightful Mother's Day gift because chances are your mom, sister, friends and relatives have the same annoying problem of water dripping down their arms and making a wet mess! I can't believe I ever lived without them now that I have them! And at such an affordable price,  ON THE CUFF is another way to Save Your Money Mama!! What an affordable way to make your life cleaner and easier over and over again!

Disclosure: I was not compensated to write this review, however I received a pair of ON THE CUFF for review! All opinions expressed are my own! I reviewed this product as a Blogger Select reviewer at The Product Review Place! 


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